Presentation and Photos April, 2017

Presentation of the host and participants

  1. The Foreign Languages Centre of Bremen Universities [PDF] (114 KB) – Katrina Stollmann
  2. Integra Language Programme, Foreign Language Centre of the Universities of Bremen [PDF] (611 KB) – Ulrike Burger
  3. The Independent Learning Centre, Language Centre of the Universities in Bremen [PDF] (25 KB) - Dr. Anikó Brandt
  4. Autonomous Langugage Learning with Advisory Service, Bridging the Gap [PDF] (441 KB) – Dr. Astrid Buschmann-Göbel FZHB
  5. Insights into the UNIcert®-Certification Programme [PDF] (1019 KB) - Anne-Kathrin Sarvananthan, FZHB
  6. Myths and Facts About Multlingualism [PDF] (683 KB) - Prof. Dr. phil. Wiebke Scharff Rethfeldt, Hochschule Bremen
  7. Institut of Technology Letterkenny [PDF] (169 KB) – Una Carthy, Ireland
  8. Anglicisms in selected Polish Speech Acts [PDF] (217 KB) – Leszek Szymański, Jan Amos Komenski State School of Higher Education in Leszno, Poland
  9. Practical Challenges of Implementing a Language Policy [PDF] (59 KB) - Anna Grönlund, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  10. Re-envisioning Foreign Language Education as a Discipline in Higher Education [PDF] (1.4 MB) - Evelina Jaleniauskiene Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
  11. The availability of multilingualism policy of the European Union in the European Higher Education Area [PDF] (2.4 MB) - Sinan Bataklar Ph.D., Istanbul Kültür University