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MAPEX Methods Workshop I: Materials Characterization

Scientific equipment and methods often act as a nucleus for cooperative projects. On 13th June 2017 an internal workshop for all MAPEX members will offer a platform for information and exchange on the scientific equipment and expertise available within the MAPEX community. With short presentations and ample time for in-depth discussions, we would like to foster the development of new ideas and initiation of collaborations.

For registration please send a short message to Hanna Lührs: mapexnoSpam@uni-bremen.de


9:00-10:45Session 1
9:00Welcome, Opening

Hanna Lührs (MAPEX) / Jan Ingo Flege (FB 1)


"In-situ X-ray diffraction experiments during heat treatment processes"

Jérémy Epp (IWT)
09:45"X-ray microscopy"
Lucio Colombi Ciacchi, Oliver Focke (FB 4)
10:05"Competence Cluster Micro- and Nano-Characterization "
Thorsten Klein (BIAS)
10:25"Probing fluid interfaces: tensiometry, interfacial rheology and related methods"
Michael Maas (FB 4)
10:55-11:30Coffee Break and Discussion
11:30-13:00 Session 2 

"Transmission Electron Microscopy"

Thorsten Mehrtens (FB 1)
12:00"Low-energy electron microscopy for materials and process characterization"
Jan Ingo Flege (FB 1)
12:30"Optical Characterization"
Jürgen Gutowski/Kathrin Sebald (FB 1)
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-15:30Session 3
14:00"Raman coupled Vertical Scanning Interferometry"
Andreas Lüttge (FB 5)
14:30"Usage of Raman spectroscopy beyond the routine works"
M. Mangir Murshed (FB 2)
15:00"Tailor-made vibrational spectroscopy"
Johannes Kiefer (FB 4)
15:30 - endCoffee break