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Impressions from the MAPEX Methods Workshop I - Materials Characterization

Scientific equipment and methods often act as a nucleus for cooperative projects. On 13th June 2017 an internal workshop for all MAPEX members offered a platform for information and exchange on the scientific equipment and expertise available within the MAPEX community.

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Impressionen vom vierten MAPEX Early Career Researcher Workshop

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MAPEX Methods Workshop I - June 2017

The first MAPEX Workshop on Characterization Methods took place in the TAB building on June 13th 2017. More than 30 participants from chemistry, materials science, physics, and production engineering enjoyed 10 accessible, yet in-depth presentations covering the full range from high-precision measuring techniques to exciting in situ experimental approaches to quantify the structural, physical, chemical, and optical properties of materials and elucidate their synthesis, transformation, and modification by various treatments. mehr »

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