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Winter Semester 2014/15 Gets off to a Good Start!

This year there will around 20,000 students will be enrolled at the University of Bremen, of whom about one third are first-semester students. This week the campus started to fill up – for it was the first week of the new Winter Semester 2014/15. Following an attention grabbing orientation week for the „freshers“, it’s time to get down to the serious business of studying. Experience...

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Portrait von Professor Stefan Traub.

Uni Bremen Is Granted a DFG-Funded Research Group on Needs-based Justice

At its October meeting the Senate of the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) [German Research Foundation] granted funding for a research group titled “Needs-based Justice and Distribution Procedures” to be established at the University of Bremen. The research group is an interdisciplinary cooperation project involving eleven scholars of the Universities of Bremen, Hamburg, Oldenburg...

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Große gelbe ringförmig Plattform an Bord eines Schiffes.

“Golden Eye”: First Seabed Trials

The “Golden Eye”, a new type of sensor for deep-sea research “made in Bremen”, has successfully completed an initial series tests in the North Sea. Equipped with cameras and an 11.5-ft electromagnetic sensor, the ring-shaped platform made of luminous yellow fiberglass can be submerged to a depth of more than 16,000 feet. Dr. Hendrik Müller and engineer Christian Hilgenfeldt, members of...

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Mann mit Fahrrad

Did you Know? …The AStA‘s self-help workshop for cyclists

“Grab that number15 spanner and tighten up the screw”, says Jost Schumski to a student doing some repairs to her bicycle. The scene is in the white container on Bolivar-Platz under the Boulevard, where the motto is “roll up your...

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