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Open Letter from the University Rector to the Management and Editors in Chief of DIE ZEIT, FAZ, Tagesspiegel and Bremer Tageszeitungen AG

Ladies and Gentlemen: On 16th April 2014 DIE ZEIT, FAZ, Tagesspiegel and Bremer Tagungszeitungen AG carried advertisements with the heading “Kreiter macht eiskalt weiter” [approx. Kreiter continues cold-blooded research]. As Rector of the University of Bremen I feel compelled to express my incomprehension and indignation at the appearance of these advertisements. Only recently, following... more »

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Research & Studies: University of Bremen Promotes Six New Projects

ForstA is entering its next phase: Supported with funding from a program titled “Research-based learning from the outset – Heterogeneity as Potential” (ForstA) the University of Bremen is promoting several measures designed to improve academic teaching. Now in a sub-project called “Reform of introductory studies” (Stage 2) the focus is on innovative ideas for reforming individual lecture courses... more »

Humanoide robots play football.

Bremen Robot Soccer Team Defends Title

The Bremen B-Human robot soccer team, four times world champion and current holder of the title, recently once again successfully defended the RoboCup German Open B-Human, going to the top of the Standard Platform League in nine matches against teams from four different countries. Two further prizes connected with the internationally oriented German championship held in Magdeburg crowned the... more »

Head of the racing cyclists sculpture.

Did you know ….about the Cyclists on the Campus Boulevard?

They have been involved in an exciting finishing line struggle since October 1978: The three racing cyclists, spurred on by their coach. Peter Mittler, an artist from the Eifel, called his work “Konkurrenz” [Competition]. The test of time, together with a dose of student high jinks, has left its mark on the life-sized naturalistic figures. But they are still well-worth a closer look. The... more »