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Space transporter docking onto the ISS

ZARM-Experiment in Space

In October 2016, the space transporter CYGNUS operated by the American firm Orbital ATK docked onto the ISS international space station. Part of the freight it was carrying was the international experimental setup called SAFFIRE II. The University of Bremen’s Center for Applied Aerospace Research and Microgravity (ZARM) contributed to the experiment with a large material sample.


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Audience during the ceremony

Sixth Year of the “German Stipend” Deutschlandstipendium

It is now 5 years since the Deutschlandstipendium, in English German Stipend, was first launched. Funded 50% by foundations, private persons and enterprises, and 50% by the Federal Government, it has now become an established part of university life and handing over the sponsoring certificates is a festive occasion. This is the sixth year in a row the University of Bremen has granted the...

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Man touches sign "Mietrecht" [tenancy law]

International Comparative Study on European Tenancy Law Reveals Large Discrepancies

It seems that the tenancy laws in EU Member States are as different as the countries themselves. In England, for example, it is quite usual to sign a rental contract for a term as short as 6 months: Whether it will be extended is at the complete discretion of the lessor. In Eastern Europe, people tend to take no notice of the legal provisions surrounding tenancy and most rental...

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Wall painting with large characters

Did you know…? The wall painting in the foyer of building GW2

“We were rather prophetic, weren’t we?”, muses Jimmi D. Paesler as for the first time in many years he once more stands in front of the wall painting on the ground floor of building GW2. He hadn’t seen it for such a long time and wonders at the good condition of the acrylic painting.

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