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Health Sciences Acquire 4.8 Million Euros

The Health Sciences at the University of Bremen have been granted funding in an amount of 4.8 million euros from Innovationsfonds (see below). The Bremen researchers owe this extraordinary success to their development of practice-oriented topics in the area of healthcare research. The Innovationsfonds is run by the German healthcare system‘s joint self-administration. It is financed by...

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Man and woman in doctor's overall and a measurement device

Implementation Phase for New Wound-Healing Therapy

The phase started with several successful projects conducted by the University of Bremen in cooperation with the Bremen clinics Gesundheit Nord. An excellent example is the research project on cicatrization carried out by plastic surgeon Professor Ursula Mirastschijski in cooperation between Gesundheit Nord and the University. Professor Mirastschijski from the clinic Bremen Mitte and the...

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Pictures of a photo exhibition

Micro Components Real Big: A Photo Exhibition in Citylab

Although we hold them in our hands every single day, we are hardly even aware of their existence. They can be found in everything from smart phones and automobiles to hearing aids: Miniature metal components. The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 747 “Micro Cold Forming” at the University of Bremen is researching ways to refine their manufacture. Following the successful exhibition ...

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Wall painting with large characters

Did you know…? The wall painting in the foyer of building GW2

“We were rather prophetic, weren’t we?”, muses Jimmi D. Paesler as for the first time in many years he once more stands in front of the wall painting on the ground floor of building GW2. He hadn’t seen it for such a long time and wonders at the good condition of the acrylic painting.

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