Diversity @ University of Bremen

Learn to discover, appreciate, and shape Diversity

Our understanding of Diversity

The word “diversity” implies difference and variety, pluralism and heterogeneity. Diversity Management is the conscious planning of heterogeneity in firms and institutions. At the University of Bremen we perceive Diversity Management as being closely connected with anti-discrimination and equal opportunity, as well as internationalization and interculturality. more »

Projects and Offers

The University of Bremen has implemented numerous projects at different levels that deal with diversity and how to promote it. On the following pages you will find details both of current as well as completed projects.
A number of other programs and initiatives on the topic of diversity are listed under "Other Projects and Offers". more »

Contact Persons

Any questions? Why don’t you get in touch with us! Several contact persons in the areas of teaching and research, the administration, and the University Management would be happy to answer any questions you may have. more »