Further Education

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A Bridge between Science and Practice

It is a common wisdom that enterprises constantly need high-quality further education in order to strengthen and hold on to their competitive advantage in the market place: For the quality of human capital is reflected in the quality of their products and services.

Academic further education at Bremen University is a successful combination of research-based and practice-based learning. It provides enterprises with an excellent opportunity to interlock their corporate knowledge with the current status of research. In this way it is possible to access innovation at source and integrate findings swiftly in corporate operations. You can either tap into standard course offerings, or together with us design and implement your own customized training program. Activities can take place either on the University campus, or in-house on your own premises. Why not contact us now and find out which offers and forms of further education are the most suitable for your corporate needs.

Our highly competent staff at the Academy for Further Education possesses a wealth of experience developing offers for life-long learning. Whether targeted measures of customized training, or comprehensive topic-specific courses of further education culminating in the award of certificates: Make your co-workers fit for the future and invest in your company’s future with further education!