Projects & Associations within the framework of the Institutional Strategy

M1 New Governance

  • Research Training Group "System Design" (SyDe): Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Science) - Link to website
  • "Research Faculty" MARUM - Link to website

M2 Bridge Professorships

  • Prof. Dr. Tim Güneysu (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Science): Technical Computer Science
  • Prof. Dr. Tilmann Harder (Faculty 2 - Biology/Chemistry): Marine Chemistry - More
  • Prof. Dr. Betina Hollstein (Faculty 8 - Social Sciences): Qualitative methods of social research and micro-sociology - More
  • Prof. Dr. Fabio La Mantia (Faculty 4 - Production Engineering): Energy storage and energy conversion systems - More
  • Prof. Dr. Nicole Megow (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Science): Methods in Computer Science for Adaptive Control in Logistics and Production

M3 Cooperative Junior Research Groups

  • Dr. Till Becker: Production Systems and Logistic Systems - More
  • Dr. Sebastian Botzem: Transnational political ordering in global finance - More
  • Dr. Tobias Buer: Computational Logistics - More
  • Dr. Rüdiger Ehlers: Modelling of Technical Systems - More
  • Dr. Jan-Hendrik Hehemann: Dissecting refractory glycans in the "Sweet Ocean" with Carbohydrate active enzymes - "SWORDS" - More
  • Dr. Matthew Hölzel: Parallel Computing for Embedded Sensor Systems - More
  • Dr. Robert Kun: Innovative Sensor and Functional Materials - More
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan K. Lhachimi: Evidence-Based Public Health - More
  • Dr. Alessio Rovere: Sea level and coastal changes - More
  • Dr. Gunnar Spreen: Remote Sensing of Sea Ice - More
  • Dr. Céline Teney: Winners of globalization? A study on the emergence of a transnational professional elite in Europe - More

M4 Exploration Projects

Current Projects

Since 2016:

  • Establishment of transmitochondrial plants - Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt, Biology (Faculty 2 - Biology/Chemistry)
  • Development of High-Temperature Inorganic Thermochromic Compounds - Prof. Dr. habil. Thorsten M. Gesing, Chemistry (Faculty 2 - Biology/Chemistry)

Since 2015:

  • Knowing the Seas as Naturecultures: Understanding the role of collaboration, experiment and reflexivity in interdisciplinary marine research and in knowledge practices and material politics with regard to ocean plastics - Prof. Dr. Michi Knecht, Cultural Studies (Faculty 9: Cultural Studies) - More
  • Contradiction as Narrative Principle in Premodern Times - Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Lienert, German Studies (Faculty 10: Linguistics and Literary Studies) - More (in German)
  • Entwurfsmethodik für Signalverarbeitungssysteme, die unzuverlässige Hardware nutzen - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Paul, Electrical Engineering (Faculty 1: Physics/Electrical Engineering)
  • New High Performance Computing based Method for fast Process Simulation in Additive Manufacturing - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vasily Ploshikhin, Physics (Faculty 1: Physics/Electrical Engineering)

Completed projects [PDF] (182 KB)

M5 Creative Units

Current Creative Units

  • Intra-Operative Information: What Surgeons Need, When They Need It. - Prof. Dr. Ron Kikinis, Prof. Dr. Christian Freksa, Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka, Prof. Dr. Gabriel Zachmann (Faculty 3 – Mathematics/Computer Sciences), Prof. Dr. Matthias Günther (Faculty 1 – Physics/Electrical Engineering) - More
  • How Does Change Happen? Change and Continuity in Subject-Specific Educational Contexts (FaBiT) - Prof. Dr. Sabine Doff, Prof. Dr. Andreas Grünewald, Bàrbara Roviró (Faculty 10: Linguistics and Literary Studies), Prof. Dr. Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs (Faculty 3 – Mathematics/Computer Sciences), Prof. Dr. Andreas Lehmann-Wermser, Prof. Dr. Maria Peters (Faculty 9: Cultural Studies) - More
  • The Artificial Eye: Chronic Wireless Interface to the Visual Cortex - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Lang, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Paul, Prof. Dr. Klaus Pawelzik (Faculty 1 – Physics/Electrical Engineering), Prof. Dr. Andreas Kreiter (Faculty 2 - Biology/Chemistry) - More

Closed Creative Units

  • Homo Debilis. Dis/ability in Pre-Modern Societies - Prof. Dr. Cordula Nolte, Prof. Dr. Uta Halle (Faculty 8 - Social Sciences), PD Dr. Sonja Kerth (Faculty 10: Linguistics and Literary Studies) - More
  • Communicative Figurations - Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Krotz, Prof. Dr. Inge Marszolek, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler (Faculty 9: Cultural Studies), Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, Prof. Dr. Heidi Schelhowe (Faculty 3 – Mathematics/Computer Sciences), Prof. Dr. Frank Nullmeier, Prof. Dr. Uwe Schimank, Dr. Ute Volkmann (Faculty 8 - Social Sciences), Prof. Dr. Karsten D. Wolf (Faculty 12 - Pedagogical and Educational Sciences) - More
  • Colonial Linguistics – Language in Colonial Contexts - Prof. Dr. Thomas Stolz, Prof. Dr. Ingo H. Warnke (Faculty 10: Linguistics and Literary Studies) - More

M6 Development Fund

  • Media and Communication Studies with the Special Area Cultural Analyses: Prof. Dr. Christine Lohmeier (Faculty 9) since October 2014 - Website; Prof. Dr. Tanja Thomas (Faculty 9) until September 2014
  • Media and Communication Studies with the Special Area Methodological Innovation: Prof. Dr. Thomas Friemel (Faculty 9) until September 2016
  • History and Culture of Central Eastern Europe (19th & 20th c.) with a specialization in the ČSSR: Prof. Dr. Martina Winkler (Faculty 8) - Website
  • History and Culture of Central Eastern Europe (19th & 20th c.) with a specialization in Poland: Prof. Dr. Magdalena Waligorska (Faculty 8) - Website
  • Resilient Energy Systems: Prof. Dr. Stefan Gößling-Reisemann (Faculty 4)
  • Process Systems Engineering: Prof. Dr. Edwin Zondervan (Faculty 4)
  • Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf (Faculty 10)
  • Postcolonial Language Studies: Prof. Dr. Eeva Sippola (Faculty 10)

M7 ProUB PLUS Graduate Center

Current Doc Networks

  • Research Methods in Educational Sciences; Speakers:  Lydia Heidrich und Anika Wittkowski - Website
  • CorpLing: Linguistic corpora; Speakers: Tonia Anni Sperling und Leonie Wiemeyer - Website
  • Design-Based Research; Speakers: Nathalie Werner und Eric Wolpers - Website
  • Doc-Network n(sna) – Qualitative and quantitative approaches of social network analysis; Speakers: Mareike Dötsch und Karin Elbrecht - Website
  • Multi-Material-Design; Speakers: Peer Woizesche und Helge Kügler - Website
  • Network for (racism-)critical Migration Research: Representation, Community & Empowerment; Speakers: Aysun Doğmuş und Rayma Cadeau - Website
  • PhilosophyPLUS; Speakers: Svantje Guinebert und Miriam Kahrs - Website
  • Perspectives in the Analysis of Culture - Black Diaspora, Decolonial Studies and Transnationality of Culture; Speakers: Samira Spatzek und Marius Henderson - Website
  • Qualitative Research Workshop at the IPP; Speakers: Stefanie Schniering und Claudia Ringelhan - Website
  • Without borders – epoch- and space-spanning historical science; Speakers: Nina Pietsch, Dr. Esther Sahle, Thomas Maier - Website
  • Participation and protection against discrimination in the areas of labor, social, gender and rehabilitation legislation as shaped by national, European and international law; Speakers: Tanja Kavur und Eliane Hütter - Website
  • Dynamics of social inequality; Speaker: Björn-Oliver Schmidt - Website
  • Intersectional Diversity Studies; Speakers: Henning Koch und Laura Getz - Website
  • Culture in motion - Anthropological research in a globalised world; Speakers: Petra Blendermann und Javier Gago Holzscheiter - Website
  • NetzFremd10 Doc-Network foreign language didactics; Speakers: Elisabeth Bigge und Dominique Panzer - Website
  • Accesses to contemporary history: Image – Space – Text; Speakers: Claudia Czycholl und Lisa Spanka - Website
  • Interdisciplinary research workshop for female doctoral researchers; Speakers: Christina Inthoff und Hanna Augustin - Website

Closed Doc Networks [PDF] (177 KB)

M8 Postdoc Initiative

Early Career Postdoctoral Positions

Current Funding

  • Dr. phil. Monika Urban (Prof. Dr. Henning Schmidt-Semisch; Faculty 11 - Human and Health Sciences): Virtualisations and embodiments of digital health. A qualitative study on ideas and practices in the context of mHealth
  • Birte Heidemann-Malreddy (Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf; Faculty 10 - Linguistics and Literary Studies): Submerged Nationalism? Literary and Cultural Topographies of Sri Lanka’s Conflict
  • MSc Sarah Coffinet (Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Hinrichs; Faculty 5 - Geosciences, MARUM): Novel archaeal lipids with a non-glycerol backbone: deviation from the universal biosynthetic building plan as adaptation to the deep biosphere?
  • Dr. Julius Fritz Kögel (Prof. Dr. Jens Beckmann; Faculty 2 - Biology/Chemistry): Advanced Inorganic Materials of p-Block Elements and their Preparation via Frustrated Lewis Pair-Catalyzed Dehydrocoupling Reactions
  • Natalie Riedel (Faculty 11 - Human and Health Sciences): Transforming noise action planning into an instrument formore health equity - an evaluation programme at the crossroads of public health and planning
  • Dr. Marion Rana (Faculty 12 - Pedagogical and Educational Sciences): Deafness in Children's Literature
  • Dr. Ee Han (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Sciences): High order Godunov scheme for shallow water equations: Applications to tsunami modelling

Former funding Early Career Postdoctoral Positions [PDF] (183 KB)

Independent Postdoctoral Positions

Current Funding

  • Dr.-Ing. Stephan Eggersglüß (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Sciences): Entwicklung einer qualitätsorientierten, kosteffektiven und robusten Testumgebung für Nanometer-Schaltkreise basierend auf formalen Methoden zur Sicherstellung der Korrektheit zukünftiger Generationen von Computerchips
  • Dr. Jan van de Kamp (Faculty 9 - Cultural Studies): On the eve of the Lutheran Reformation at Bremen (1490-1525)
  • Dr. Anja Schönhardt (Faculty 1 - Physics/Electrical Engineering): Flugzeugbasierte Spurengaskartierung der Troposphäre mit räumlich hochaufgelösten DOAS Messungen – sub-Satellitenpixel Variabilität und Modellierung
  • Dr. Chenguo Zhang (Faculty 6 - Law): Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China and the EU/ Germany - A Comparative Law Research and Perspective on the Future Development
  • Dr. Jon-Olaf Krisponeit (Faculty 1 - Physics/Electrical Engineering): KComplex Oxides for post-CMOS Electronics and Sensorics
  • Dr. Monika-Ewa Kaminska-Visser (Faculty 8 - Social Sciences): Healthcare reforms and state desertion in East Central Europe. Privatizing healthcare, privatizing risks
  • Dr. Silja Klepp (Faculty 8 - Social Sciences): Klimawandel und Mobilität - Rechtliche Diskurse und neue Strategien für UmweltmigrantInnen im Pazifikraum
  • Dr. Till Markus (Faculty 6 - Law): Theorie eines Vertragsmanagements im Völkerrecht

M9 Female Professor Program

  • Prof. Dr. Emily King (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Sciences): Computational Data Analysis - Website
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz (Faculty 9 - Cultural Studies): Media and Communication Studies with the Special Area Media Change - Website
  • Prof. Dr. Maike Vollstedt (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Sciences): Didactics of Mathematics - Website
  • Prof. Dr. Tanja Schultz (Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Sciences): Cognitive Systems - Website
  • Prof. Dr. Anna Förster (Faculty 1 - Physics/Electrical Engineering): Communication Networks - Website