Promoting Talent

This third package of measures targets the international recruitment of outstandingly talented researchers and promoting their career development. A focus lies on attracting excellent female scholars and researchers to Bremen and to support them individually (for current and former projects please see Funding: Projects and Associations).

M7 - ProUB PLUS Graduate Center

The measure “ProUB PLUS Graduate Center” expands the offer of ProUB and aims at achieving a quality “plus” for doctoral candidates: The funding encompasses Success Teams, ProUB networks, post-graduate level research projects and external examiners.

M8 – Postdoc Initiative

The Postdoc Initiative opens up an additional career path beside those of Junior Professor and leadership of a Junior Research Group. Early stage post-docs can participate in a competitive procedure for so-called “early career positions” of maximum two-year duration.

With the Postdoc Initiative PLUS, the postdocs at the University of Bremen shall be able to do research under the best possible circumstances. For this purpose, they can receive funds in the short term.

M9 Female Professor Program

The declared aim of the University’s female professor program is to increase the quota of female professors. The program offers incentives such as ahead-of-schedule appointments, start-up support, research stays abroad and reductions in teaching loads. Between 2013 and 2017, the University has funded five professorships within the frame of its Female Professor Program.