Strengthening High-Profile Areas

Collaborative interdisciplinary research is realised in six high-profile areas, crossing the boundaries of the twelve University faculties. The research success in these areas shapes the perception of the University. The Institutional Strategy makes a major contribution towards anchoring the high-profile areas in the top league of international research. Existing close cooperation with non-university institutes and neighboring universities are boosted by the measures M1 to M3 (for current and former projects please see Funding: Projects and Associations).

M1 – New Governance

New forms of research governance create a new and sustainable organizational basis for the six existing high-profile areas. The MARUM is already functioning as a so-called Research Faculty; together with the University of Oldenburg the Social Sciences have set up ZenTra (Center for Transnational Studies); the Computer Sciences have established joint post-graduate studies with the DFKI and the DLR. Overall, the cooperation with non-university research institutes is expanded and binding agreements on research strategy are reached with non-university research partners.

M2 – Bridge Professorships

Six Bridge Professorships create new links between the disciplines, both inside the University and especially between the University and the non-university research institutes. Together with the New Governance measure, the Bridge Professorships strengthen the high-profile areas of the University of Bremen.

M3 – Cooperative Junior Research Groups

This measure creates attractive career opportunities for junior researchers. The junior research groups work as independent units at the interface between the University and its non-university partners. This form of cooperation functions as an important cornerstone for strengthening the innovative capacity of our University.