The Way to Excellence

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The Excellence Path

Following its good showing in the first round of the Excellence Initiative launched by the German Government and the Länder, the University of Bremen had been on the best way to scoring another success in the second round, too. The Institutional Strategy “Ambitious and Agile“ sailed through the preliminary selection. 

This meant that the University of Bremen was the only university in the North West of Germany to have a chance of being awarded the coveted title “University of Excellence”. Out of the ten winners in the first round of the Excellence Initiative in 2006, Bremen has now been one of the final seven universities to have been given the chance in the second round to submit a proposal for the whole university, a so-called “Institutional Strategy”. This already confirmed that the University of Bremen was among the very best German universities.  

The institutions of excellence at the University that were already selected for special funding in the first round – the BIGSSS Graduate School of Social Sciences and the MARUM Cluster of Excellence The Ocean in the Earth System – automatically went through to the final round and were applying for a prolongation of support. The application for the GLOMAR Graduate School of Marine Sciences, which was also a winner in the first round, was integrated in the cluster application. The two applications for prolongation had to be submitted together with the University’s “Institutional Strategy” by 1st September 2011. In the following months these applications had been evaluated by a panel of international experts: the results were made known in June 2012.

University of Bremen entitled 'University of Excellence'

The University’s place at the top of the league of Germany’s most excellent university institutions has been confirmed in the third round of the Excellence Initiative. “This sensational success is undoubtedly the climax of our university’s 40-year history”, said then University Rector Professor Wilfried Müller. “We were ourselves always certain of our strengths – but despite all the previous successes and awards chalked up over the years, we could never be quite sure just how much we were appreciated on the ‘outside’. Now we have it in black and white from an internationally acclaimed body of experts: The University of Bremen has a secure place among the very top German universities!”

Following this successful path, the University made intensive use of the Excellence Initiative funding during the past five years in order to maintain the 'University of Excellence' status in the future.