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Studies abroad

Go out! – a period of studying abroad (a stay abroad or an internship with ERASMUS or another exchange program) is mostly a strong personal enrichment. The  International Office at the University of Bremen offers various opportunities and information on everything you need to know. more »

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Studienbüro [Study office]

The Studienbüro is the Faculty’s main point of contact for students. The staff there deals with all sorts of questions surrounding studies in Biology and Chemistry. Other tasks include the organization of studies, coordination of the ERASMUS program at the faculty FB2, preparation of Recognition of credits in Bachelor’s programs, and quality management in FB 2. more »

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Bachelor Biology

The Bachelor Biology program provides grounded theoretical and methodological research-based learning in diverse subsections of Biology. A special feature of biology as a full major in Bremen is the opportunity to choose a specialization, the so-called specialty studies for students in their third-year: Students can choose between Marine Biology OR Molecular Biosciences OR Neurobiology OR Ecology. Students on teacher education programs have a special focus on subject-didactics.

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Bachelor Chemistry

Our Bachelor’s Chemistry program provides students with essential knowledge and practical methods training in the classical core subjects of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry as well as biochemistry, theoretical and macromolecular chemistry.

A special feature of chemistry studies in Bremen is the possibility to study the optional field marine chemistry (specialty module and Bachelor’s thesis) alongside your major.

Students on teacher education programs also attend courses in the didactics of chemistry.

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Our master's programs

Faculty 2 offers seven master’s programs. Six of these are international master’s programs taught in English:

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ecology, ISATEC, Marine Biology, Marine Microbiology, Neurosciences, Chemie(taught in German).

In addition to this, FB 2 offers a master’s program Master of Education (taught in German) and Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy under participation of FB 5.  



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Infos for freshers, transfer students, and students switching subjects

Welcome to Faculty 2! We would like to congratulate you on registering at the University of Bremen and hope your studies here get off to a good start.

As a newcomer to Faculty 2 you will have to take part in a fire drill, enter your name in our emailing list – Bioliste or Chemieliste -  register in Stud.IP, and take part in the orientation week at the start of the semester. Transfer students from other universities and students switching subjects should apply to have their previous studies recognized.

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General Studies in bachelor studies

Besides subject-related contents, students on bachelor study programs can also take courses in General Studies (GS). General Studies allow students, alongside their subject-related key competences, to acquire interdisciplinary competences and come to grips with ethical aspects of their discipline. They are also relevant for Career preparation and orientation.

Students of teacher education can acquire 3 CP for General Studies. more »

© FB2 / FB2Preparations for the bachelor's graduation day


On the last Friday of September we bid farewell to graduates of our bachelor’s programs Biology and Chemistry. Among other things, graduation day features speeches by representatives of the Office of the Deans, the study programs, and biology and chemistry graduates. The day is rounded off with a reception. The master’s degree programs usually hold their own graduation ceremony. more »