Intercultural Certificate

Certificate of Intercultural Competence – What’s that?

Are you about to organize a stay abroad off your own bat, or have you done so in the past? Are you keenly interested in foreign languages, or engaged in voluntary intercultural activities? Or do you attend lecture courses on intercultural topics?

The International Office of the University of Bremen wishes to do everything it can to support such activities. By way of providing a little extra motivation, we can even issue a special Certificate of Intercultural Competence. More and more, intercultural skill-sets are regarded as indispensible key qualifications for acting in international contexts—either private or in the course of your work.

By participating in the training course offered by the International Office and successfully completing two of the three electives, students are now able to acquire a “Certificate of Intercultural Competence“. You can spread the modules [PDF] (53 KB) over as many semesters as you wish and take them at any time during your studies.

The modules can be seen as an extra-curricular supplement to your main course of studies, adding an attractive boost to your c.v. Students of General Studies can have the individual modules count towards their overall credits.
Use our overview as a guide and be sure to clarify the CP- rules with a person responsible.

You can find more details below—especially of the conditions that apply to international students

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and welcome your suggestions on how to make the program even more interesting and diversified!

What do I have to do to acquire the Certificate?

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