The first steps

How to acquire the Certificate

We try to do everything we can to make it as easy and as motivating as possible for you to acquire the Certificate.

In the section “Downloads” you will find the registration form and other documents you need to obtain your certificate.

At the beginning print out the “evidence record sheet” form so you can enter your intercultural activities on an ongoing basis as they occur. It is for your to keep track of your activities. For the modules B and C it is often necessary to provide certificates of attendance. You are required to provide a report on your experiences, make sure you first refer to our guidelines before writing it up because the Erasmus reports are often quite different.

The “requirements” form contains details on how your activities will be evaluated. The activities listed there are only examples. We also welcome any suggestions you may like to make.

Once you have successfully completed the mandatory module Intercultural Training and at least two of the three electives, all you have to do then is to come along to our office during consultation hours, bringing all the necessary documents with you (copies only, please!). You will then be given your Certificate of Intercultural Competence.

We wish you every success!