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Grow Green!

Your own herbs and your own vegetables at the dormitory - but how?

Many students appreciate the quality of fresh harvested herbs and vegetables. The kompass-team of the International Office offers - in collaboration with Studentenwerk - the possibility to build an own patch with herbs and vegetables for students at the Spitaller Str. and Vorstrasse. Grow Green!

What is "Grow Green"?

To foster an own garden is usually impossible for students. "Grow Green" offers them the possibility to have an own patch next to their dormitory without much money and expenditure of time.
You can plant your own herbs in an bed of palettes. Of course it's your choice, which herbs and vegetables you plant. You can participate alone or with you "WG" for a bed. It's important that you carry your bed!

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When the project started and how long it will take?

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How long it will take place?

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