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Grow Green!

Your own herbs and your own vegetables at the dormitory - but how?

Many students appreciate the quality of fresh harvested herbs and vegetables. The kompass-team of the International Office offers - in collaboration with Studentenwerk - the possibility to build an own patch with herbs and vegetables for students at the Spitaller Str. and Vorstrasse. Grow Green!

What is "Grow Green"?

To foster an own garden is usually impossible for students. "Grow Green" offers them the possibility to have an own patch next to their dormitory without much money and expenditure of time.
You can plant your own herbs in an bed of palettes. Of course it's your choice, which herbs and vegetables you plant. You can participate alone or with you "WG" for a bed. It's important that you carry your bed!

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What are the project's goals?

The Grow Green Project is a collaboration of international as well as german students. It is supposed to encourage cultural and social diversity and improve the individual quality of life, concerning aspects such as environmental education, nutrition awareness and nature experiences.

The Project provides the chance of intercultural communication and increases the potential to study (the stamina and discipline necessary for gardening is not to underestimate).

Additionally it enables the ability to eat healthy and varied.

Furthermore offers the Grow Green project space for intercultural encounters. Gardening together and talking about cooking habits, herbs usage or gardening methods can be the start of a friendship.

How was the project founded and developed?

The idea of the Grow Green urban gardening project originated from Jitin Gogne, an Indian student in August 2016 who particularly wanted to grow herbs from his home country. With those he would finally be able to cook dishes from his family home again. Jitin additionally wanted to inspire other students to be interested about self-grown and international herbs. The Grow Green project was born.

During the last year the project has been implemented through the kompass-Team of the International Office. Already at the beginning of September 2016 a trial bed was installed near the dormitory “Wohnpark am Fleet” Vorstraße 91-99 and Wohnpark “Spittaler Strße 1-1F”.

Who's the target group?

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