Lern-Tandem (learning tandem)

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What is a Lern-Tandem (learning tandem)?

The kompass-team of the International Office encourages students to form learning tandems.

A learning tandem is a study group that consists of:

  • an international student who would like to have a learning buddy for one particular seminar or lecture
  • a learning buddy (a German native speaker)

The two students who form a learning tandem meet on a regular basis to talk about the content of a seminar or a lecture which both students attend during their studies. For example you can:

  • clarify questions
  • discuss specialty terms in your field of study and practice using them
  • improve your written or spoken German
  • discuss the key topics of the course
  • prepare together for exams or presentations
  • solve exercise tasks together
  • talk about texts which have to be read at home and discuss difficult passages

The Lern-Tandem-program is offered for B.A.-students of all faculties except 1, 4 and 7.

By taking part in the Lern-Tandem-program you can obtain 3 CP (credits) in the field of General Studies / Schlüsselqualifikationen! Furthermore, you can earn credits for the Intercultural Certificate of the International Office!