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... to the web pages on International Affairs at the University of Bremen!

Here you will find out more about our University’s approach to matters surrounding everything international and the different bureaus involved, like the International Office, among others.

Whether you are planning a stay abroad or intending to come to Bremen, here you will find the support and information you need! We are here to help you…

Your International Office Team

Internationalization Strategy

Bremen University maintains numerous contacts all around the world. The University’s internationalization strategy encompasses both regional as well as topic-based goals, beacon projects, and numerous individual initiatives.

International Alumni

Bremen University is proud of its graduates and endeavors to uphold contact with its alumni. International Alumni form an important cornerstone of our international network. Several regional groups have been set up in different countries around the world.

News and Reports

Current calls, important dates and events as well as reports on related activities and events involving the International Office. If you want to learn more about what is going on in the international area at Bremen University you can read more here.