Mind the Gap! – professional

Steps into german labour market for international students

About the Project

In the completion stage of their degree, bachelor’s and master’s students and doctoral researchers take part in workshops, events, company visits, and individual application training. They work together in set groups and international teams.

Mind the Gap! – professional teaches the students competences relevant to professional life and the German labor market. These include intercultural and language comptences as well as job-related soft skills. The participants will also receive information about various professions. Furthermore, Mind the Gap! – professional creates a network of existing offers for professional qualification.

Mind the Gap! – professional ties in with the original project Mind the Gap!, which supported 20 international students of MINT courses at the University of Bremen. Mind the Gap! was a colaborative project of the International Office, the Career Center, and the Foreign Language Center of the Universities of Bremen and Bremerhaven.

The Programme / Schedule (Cohort 1 - Start in summer semester 2016)

Phase 2 (winter semester 2016/17):

The second phase sets focus on the analysis of individual CVs, teaching the ability of soft skills, team work and intercultural competencies. Presentation techniques are worked on and individual profiles developed.


      21.10.16    Guided Company Tour Abat AG
      29.10.16    Empowerment Soft Skills / Applications (SFG 1020)
      12.11.16    Intercultural Training & Preparing for Experthearing (SFG 1020)
      26.11.16    Intercultural Training & Preparing for Experthearing (9.00-17.00)
      08.12.16    Workshop: Living and working in Germany (14-16.30, SFG 0150)   

      Further details regarding dates and workshops will be announced well in advance.

The Programm / Schedule (Cohort 2 - Start in winter semester 2016/17)

Phase 1 (winter semester 2016/17)

Participants are introduced to features of the German labor market and the groundwork for your qualification is laid. Creating awareness of problems, offering specialized orientation and working out individual competencies and potential are only a few of our educational objectives.


      05.11.16  Intercultural training
      29.11.16  Professional Fields Labour Market (18-20, SFG 2070)
      03.12.16  Assessment of individual competencies (10.30-17.30, SFG 1040)
      08.12.16  Workshop: Living and working in Germany (14-16.30, SFG 0150)

      Further dates and workshops will be announced timely.

Mind the Gap! 2016

Project Evaluation

A follow-up study of the academic and professional success will be performed during the whole project period. The study will be conducted by the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (

The purpose of the research is the evaluation of the project Mind the gap! – professional. The existing workshops can thus be adapted to the needs of the students. Furthermore, the research serves for the possible further usage of the project-model Mind the gap! – professional at other universities.

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