The network: across generations and cultures

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The team of the „Senior Citizens“ takes care of international students, visiting scientists and their families. In doing so, it contributes to a varied and international campus at the University of Bremen.The “Senior Citizens” are supported by the International Office (kompass and Welcome Centre) and the “Academy for Continuing Education” of the University of Bremen who initiate the contact to the students and scientists and accompany the group in terms of coordination. more »

Structures & Cooperations

SeniorCitizens @ Uni Bremen

The network: across generations and cultures more »


Since 2011 the union of the senior students has been very active. Some activities include collective trips to the North Sea, “Kohlfahrten”, coaching and advice. In some special cases they may also offer comfort from homesickness. more »

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Are you interested in the project? Here you are provided with more information, how to participate and develop new ideas! more »

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