Internships Abroad

International internships are much more than just work experience

International Internships

You want to gain practical experience in the professional world, improve your language skills and at the same time make interesting and important contacts?

Then an internship is just the thing for you!

Internships allow you to collect study-and subject-related on-the-job-experience, to "network" and to establish contacts in companies for your future employment.

Participants who come back from a stay abroad, tell us again and again that it is a great personal enrichment, to have spent some time in a different environment, a different culture and for many employers the experience abroad is an important prerequisite for the selection of candidates.

An internship represents an excellent alternative or supplement to a study period abroad, because you simultaneously gain practical work experience and learn about the working world of a foreign country. This might also help to develop new perspectives for the further course of your study.

Since an internship is often unpaid, we have compiled in this brochure a number of scholarship programs that will help you to cover the costs and bring you one step closer to the realization of your internship abroad plans.

If you have any questions or just want further information, we are happy to help.