Finances & Study Grants

The costs of living and studying

The standard of living is high in Germany, so living is quite expensive. Currently you should calculate at least EUR 720 Euro per month. Since the rent in the big cities are shooting up you should calculate an increasing amount for your accommodation (at present single rooms are around 250 – 450 Euro depending on location, size and quality).
You will also have to calculate some money to pay for books and other study requisites. Depending on your course, you can easily spend some 230 – 370 Euro and more per semester on such items. On top of this, it is virtually impossible to study any subject without needing a personal computer (PC) or laptop. If you do not already have your own, most departments and faculties as well as the university library provide the use of communal computer facilities (Rechenzentrum).
Social charges (“Sozialgebühren”)
The social charges include the financial support of the Studentenwerk, the AStA and the Semesterticket. Every university has its own “Studentenwerk” (Student Welfare Services), which finances facilities like the Mensa (refectory), cafeterias, student residences, sport facilities and so on. The AStA is the Student Union of the University of Bremen and supports the rights of all students. In addition to the social charges there is also an extra charge for the so-called Semesterticket. The Semesterticket allows you to use the different means of public transport in and around Bremen free of charge for a period of six months.
All students contribute by paying social charges via the semester contribution and are entitled to make use of all the facilities provided. Semester contribution in Summer semester 2017: 298,92 Eur

Financing of Studies

In order to obtain a student visa you must provide evidence of sufficient funds to finance a one-year stay in Germany. Currently this is calculated to be 8,640 Euro (status 2017). This is also the case when you want to apply for a prolongation of stay.

Shorter stays require the availability of correspondingly lower amounts.

More details can be obtained from:

Study Grants

You can search the Scholarship Database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the right type of support for your study or research stay. In addition to the DAAD programs, there you will also find references to a number of other funding organizations.


Germany Scholarship Brochure

Information for UB Students


is a non-profit association founded to provide assistance to students from abroad who through no fault of their own find themselves in some kind of difficulty. Xenos is able to provide material assistance to help with the costs of, e.g. rent or health insurance, for a maximum of a couple of months. Applications are scrutinized thoroughly and applicants are expected to display a considerable amount of own initiative.
Applications for Xenos assistance must be passed through the International Office.

Assistance for International Students in Financial need

International students who find themselves in acute material circumstances can apply for financial assistance on a “one-time, last-time” principle.

Fill in and send this e-mail to the International Office:

  • Last name, first name
  • Nationality
  • Course of study you are enrolled in
  • Number of semesters already studied
  • Degree you are studying for
  • Date you expect your studies will be completed by
  • Short description of the difficulties you are facing

The International Office will then get back to you.