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Many visitors to Bremen University need to apply for a visa before they can come. Visas are issued by the competent diplomatic representations in the country where you live. Please be sure to apply for the right type of visa: As a rule, it is not possible to have amendments made once you are in Germany (an exception to this rule is changing an au-pair visa into a student visa).

Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa when visiting Germany. Citizens of some other countries (e.g. USA, Japan) are also exempt. You can find further details on the Internet pages of the  German representation in your country.

When you are here

When you arrive in Bremen you must register as a resident here. This can be done on the campus at BSU (Bremen Services University).

At BSU you can also apply to have your residence permit (visa) prolonged.

If you live outside Bremen you must register at the competent aliens registration office for the district where you live.

Health Insurance

In Germany nearly everybody has to join a health insurance. Some public German insurances have offices on campus.

Information about the German health insurance system in several languages

Deutsche Insurance - is a German health insurance agency for students and offers easy access to German Health Insurance for non E.U. students applying to German Universities

Bank account

We recommend you inform yourself about the possible account management fees before opening an account. It would also be advantageous to choose a financial institution with an office in the city center or on the campus (for example, Bremer Landesbank, Sparkasse).
As a student you can apply to be freed from the usual fees charged for running an account "Kontoführungsgebühren".

Please note: In Germany, it is not customary to send checks by post to the recipient of the payment (for example to the landlord)!

Bank opening hours vary from bank to bank, but as a rule they are open: Weekdays from 9:00am till 4:00pm, on Thursdays later until 6:30pm. Some banks close at midday between 1:00 o’clock and 2.30pm.
Money transactions are conducted in the following way:

  • Überweisung: transfer of money
  • Dauerauftrag: banker's order
  • Lastschrift: direct debit
  • Girokarte / Bankkarte: bank debit card
  • Dispositionskredit/Kreditkarte: overdraft facility/credit cards
  • Homebanking / Onlinebanking: online or internet banking