Interweaving academic studies with vocational practice

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Combining academic training with vocational practice

The interweaving of academic training and vocational practice pursues two main objectives:

An orientation to the vocational practice enhances the attractiveness of academic studies for working students. They are able to relate curricula contents to examples known from their vocational experience. At the same time, they have the opportunity to apply newly acquired knowledge and competencies at their workplace. Interweaving studies with their work raises students’ motivation. Lecture courses and teaching projects can benefit from drawing on students’ knowledge of the practice.

Integrating enterprises and trade associations in the course of studies helps to develop qualification profiles that are relevant for the labor market, thus equipping graduates with the best prerequisites for career and promotion opportunities.

Planned measures

  • A study on employers’ expectations of how best to interweave academic studies and vocational practice, supplemented by examination of the requisite frame conditions and compatibility of academic studies with vocational activities and responsibilities
  • Development of recommendations for the conceptualization of study programs
  • Development and realization of a workshop concept to identify together with employers what practice-relevant competence profiles should look like
  • Development and realization of a matching concept (primarily for career returnees and job-seeking graduates)