Governance structure

Those researchers who assigned themselves to one or several high-profile areas are eligible to become a member of the high-profile area MMM. Participation in excellent joint research initiatives is expected. These members are represented by delegates of the Speaker Council. The latter takes the decisions and elects the Spokespersons of MMM. MMM has three Spokespersons representing the three pillars of this high-profile area and must be members of the Speaker Council. Delegates of the Speaker Council are:

  1. Spokespersons of coordinated research projects
  2. Leaders of junior research groups
  3. Spokespersons of the participating institutions of the University of Bremen
  4. Directors of the participating non-university research institutions
  5. One representative of the dean's office of the involved faculties

A jour fixe takes place every month.

Grafik Governance-Struktur des Wissenschaftsschwerpunktes
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