Travel by rail

DB journey planner / timetables

German Rail (Deutsche Bahn – DB) covers a complex national network with a great many stations and connections.

Plan your journey in advance by calling inquiries (Travel service connections DB AG) or log into Bremen central station arrivals or departures.

Make up your own individual travel itinerary and choose the times within which your ticket should remain valid, mark weekdays, and enter details of journey to and from destination: A practical tool for commuters, for example.

Or make use of the numerous mobile offers presented by Deutsche Bahn. For instance, the possibility to book your ticket by mobile phone shortly before embarking or to consult the online service mobile travel portal for the latest travel updates on arrival times, for example.

You can also download current Deutschen Bahn timetables in the offline version directly onto your computer as a more traditional approach to sourcing information.

The Safer fare finder will help you find the cheapest fares when it comes to long-distance train connections.

Timetable updates

Find out about possible rail disruptions to regional Deutsche Bahn services and changes to advertised times caused by track repairs etc. To always be absolutely sure you know what’s happening, you can also have timetable updates sent to your smartphone by email.

The online timetables contain information on delays and possible cancellations in real time. This service is of course also available for stations all over Germany.

The regional rail company Nordwestbahn offers a comparable service with their Real-time tracking for the Regio-S-Bahn. This service is currently still in its introductory phase.

Long-distance rail travel

In addition to the scheduled regional and local services in Lower Saxony and Bremen, get an overview of Deutsche Bahn’s nationwide rail network.

You can also find information on the services offered by the Regio-S-Bahn.

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Bahn Cards, reduced fares

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of cheaper fare prices with Deutsche Bahn. Here you will find links to the different offerings.

Find out about the possibility of cheaper fares when using the BahnCard or consult the Safer fares finder to find the cheapest way to travel long distance.

Plan your journey and book your journey within Lower Saxony, another federal state, or anywhere in Germany on weekdays or on weekends. Here you will find links to the information you are looking for.

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DELFI – integrated electronic timetable information

The abbreviation DELFI stands for Durchgängige ELektronische FahrplanInformation.

The route planner Fahrplaner des VBN contains rail timetables for the whole of Germany and also incorporates travel information for the North of Germany, Sweden and Denmark..

Apart from details of rail connections, this route planner also contains timetable information on the services in Lower Saxony and Bremen in real time.

Barrier-free travel

The Deutsche Bahn AG provides information and service for barrier-free travel for disabled persons and people with mobilioty constraints. You will find details on their homepage. If you need it, additional advice can be obtained around the clock from the Mobility Service Centre maintained by Deutsche Bahn.

The Search connection of Deutsche Bahn AG is also available in a text version to facilitate use by blind people and persons with impaired sight.

Station parking - Park & Ride - Bike & Ride

Deutsche Bahn has special parking lots in the multi-storey car park at Bremen’s central station. These are available at reduced rates for long-distance travelers holding tickets for ICE, IC or EC trains.

You can find additional parking facilities and information on Park & Ride on the homepage of the VMZ Bremen.

The VMZ Bremen also gives an overview and detailed information of all Bike & Ride facilities in Bremen and the surrounding area.

The conditions of travel and fare prices for taking your bicycle with you on regional services in Lower Saxony and Bremen can be found under the heading Bahn & Bike at Deutschen Bahn AG.

The VBN provides an interactive map with information about all Bike & Ride stations in the region.

Station services

All the service offers available at Bremen’s central station at a glance. Information ranging from service points to the Bremen station mission for the homeless.

The Bremen central station site plan shows you at a glance where you can find everything from lockers to WCs.

Station notices (Stationssteckbriefe) for 82 other stations within the local public transport networks of Bremen and Lower Saxony are sources of information on services, public transport connections, bicycle racks, car parks and directions for barrier-free routes.

Here you can also find the number(s) for Deutsche Bahn rail inquiries and other contact details.

And, of course, all this information is also available on the portals of other railway stations in Germany [Station search (Bahnhofsportal].