Prospective Students

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Study at the University of Bremen

Nice to see that you are interested in studying at Bremen University.

These web pages contain lots of information on the various study programs taught at Bremen University. Make good use of it to find out which program best fits your personal interests and capabilities, but also to make sure you understand the requirements you will be expected to meet. Find out ... more »

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Application & Enrolment

You want to study at our university? Do you have a university entrance qualification (Abitur) or would you like to know how you can be awarded a place at the University of Bremen via an alternative pathway? Here you can inform yourself about the specific enrolment requirements for some of the study programs. You can also fill in online application forms. more »

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Study Orientation

Take a look, try it out, then decide. Sometimes it helps to do things step by step. First of all answer the question “what do I want?“ and then “what am I capable of?“ before going on to make a final choice of study program. Attend the orientation events offered by the University. Still not quite sure? Undertake an online self-assessment. Take the time to reflect on what will be expected of you as a student and consider whether your choice of program is the right one. And if after all this you still feel a little uncertain, why not come to the University and talk to someone at the Central Student Advisory Bureau who can give you some expert advice. They will surely be able to help you make up your mind!

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International Students

If you are interested in spending some time at the University of Bremen ― no matter whether you intend to take up full-time studies, complete a research stay, or to attend a summer school ― then this is the right part of our website for you. The following pages contain information on the many possibilities open to you. more »

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Campus Tour & Tips

It’s not always easy for freshers to find their way around. You will quickly learn that the campus is not only for studying, though. You will also find an interesting mixture of student activities, advisory bureaus, and diverse student services. more »

Advice & Support

It’s always worth asking! So many things at a university will at first appear new and a little confusing for freshers. The University of Bremen provides students with lots of opportunities to obtain information and advice, so you will soon be able to find your way around and feel at ease. more »