Endowed Professorships

Other important partners in research at the University of Bremen are the many private and corporate sponsors in the city itself and in the surrounding region. An outstanding example of successful cooperation between the enterprise sector, the City of Bremen and the University of Bremen are the University’s endowed professorships.

Over recent years, the relevance of endowed professorships for the University’s innovative potential, and subsequently that of the State of Bremen, has grown considerably. Thanks to the support afforded by foundations and enterprises located in the region it has been possible to strategically create endowed professorships and thus reinforce the University’s high profile areas.

  • System Enabling Technologies, duration 2012 till 2022, funded by OHB System AG, the Institute of Space Systems (DLR) in Bremen and the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft
  • Multi-Scale Simulation and Modeling of Materials, duration 2009 till 2014, funded by Airbus Deutschland GmbH
  • MR Image Processing/MR Spectroscopy, duration 2009 till 2014, funded by Stiftung Bremer Wertpapierbörse
  • Bio-Nano Materials Technology, duration 2008 till 2010, funded by Conrad-Naber-Stiftung
  • Process-Oriented Technology Design, duration 2008 till 2013, funded by Daimler-Chrysler
  • Clinical Epidemiology, duration 2007 till 2012, funded by LVA Oldenburg
  • Clinical Child Psychology, duration from 2007, funded by Förderverein der Universitätsambulanz

These strategic partnerships made it possible to enhance the already cutting edge research made-in-Bremen with new strands of research. The success of this support format is underscored by the fact that a new endowed professorship has been granted every year over the past five years ─ tendency rising.