R&D Cooperation Projects


The University has around 20,000 students and employs 2,000 scholars and scientists, making it one of the largest research institutions in the North of Germany. The scope of research at Bremen University covers most fields and disciplines, and cutting edge research is carried out at Bremen University in 12 Faculties and numerous different institutes.

Moreover, the University boasts six national research centers and several affiliated institutes, all contributing to the excellent reputation Bremen enjoys as a science location. A large number of research and development projects are undertaken in cooperation with enterprises and other institutions. This form of collaboration on R&D projects accounts for a large part of the University’s regional, national, as well as international cooperation efforts. Together with partner enterprises and its partners in research, Bremen University is a major engine of innovation ―both in the region and beyond.

Bremen University’s Transfer Bureau “UniTransfer” will help interested enterprises, institutions and researchers find the right partners for the type of cooperation they have in mind. There are also a number of different possibilities for supporting this kind of mutual research. Realize your R&D projects together with one of Germany’s leading research universities!

Research and development covers a huge area, from finding solutions to short-term problems, to strategic forms of longer-term collaboration. The possibilities for cooperation are therefore very varied. Especially advantageous for all parties concerned are forms of strategic and long-term collaboration. In this way it is possible to develop a mutual research perspective, which can then be carried over into education. We have designed specific models for this purpose. Become one of Bremen University’s research partners!