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For some years now, the University of Bremen has been able to maintain its position among the top-notch research universities in Germany. This is underscored by its successful performance within the context of the Excellence Initiative. Since 2001 the University has been hosting one of only six existing DFG Research Centers. Currently, the University of Bremen can proudly boast four Collaborative Research Centers, one of which is a Transregio run in cooperation with Freiburg University and one Transregio run in coopertion with the RWTH Aachen and the Oklahoma State University.

The high proportion of external funding is reflected in the various research rankings. In the DFG funding rankings, for instance, Bremen University is on position 21 in terms of absolute funding in the period 2008-2010. In relation to the number of full-time professors, though, it occupies position 10. And with regard to the amount of external funding (without medical faculties) acquired from all sources, in absolute figures Bremen University even rises to position 9 of all German universities.

Bremen also shines in the CHE university rankings. Nine of the audited disciplines are included in the very top category, and in three different disciplines Bremen University occupies position 1 in respect of the amount of external funding acquired by its scholars and scientists (the geosciences, sociology, political science). In six further disciplines (production engineering, geography, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, business studies) Bremen ranks among the top ten German universities.

The number of research publications produced by the scholars and scientists at Bremen University increased only slightly in the period 2004 to 2009, with 17% more articles (in the fields encompassed by the Scopus/Elsevier survey). However, it should be taken into account that the number of professors declined during this period. Within the same period, though, the number of citations increased by 95% (two-year windows, each for articles appearing in the previous two years) – and hence also the international visibility and the impact of research “made in Bremen”.

DFG Funding Atlas 2012

Ranking according to Rank
Total DFG funding 21
Per professional personnel working full-time* 10
Geosciences (funding in absolute terms) 1
Social sciences (funding in absolute terms) 1
Jurisprudence (funding in absolute terms) 3
Engineering sciences (funding in absolute terms) 9
Engineering sciences (funding per professor) 2
* Source: Table A-3 of the DFG Funding Atlas 2012 (Full-time professional personnel by University 2009) and Table 3-3 (DFG awards in the period 2008 to 2010 per University).

CHE University Ranking

Discipline Category Rank according to external funding acquired by researchers
Sociology Top category 1
Political Science Top category 1
Pedagogy Top category 10
Geosciences Top category 1
Geography Top category 4
Mathematics Top category 8
Computer Science Top category 6
Physics Top category 11
Production Engineering Top category 3
Electrical Engineering Top category 4