Selection Process

BREMEN TRAC fellowship applications will be subject to a selection process of four stages. Prior to this, there will be a formal check of eligibility criteria in terms of formal qualification, compliance with the application conditions and the rules for mobility. Only those applications complying with all eligibility criteria will enter the selection process. This selection process consists of:

  1. an initial screening by one of the university’s standing Research Funding Committees, together consisting of 18 distinguished experts from the faculties;
  2. an external, independent, international peer review of the most promising applications by two experts in the field of the proposed project and
  3. a video interview with the selected candidates conducted by members of the Research Funding Committee and additional Bremen scholars from the research area in question;
  4. following peer review and interview, the Research Funding Committees, as expert panels, create the ranking list for funding recommendation. The Rectorate approves the proposed ranking list for final funding.

Any questions regarding your academic integration are to be sent directly to the Bremen professor whose academic unit your project will be associated with and who will have to write a letter of intent.

For any other questions, please contact

Silke Reinold
SFG 3170
Phone: +49-421-218-60326 

Life Cycle of an Individual BREMEN TRAC Fellowship

Life Cycle of an Individual BREMEN TRAC Fellowship