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Offerings surrounding doctoral studies

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The Graduate Center of the University of Bremen works under the mottos "PhD networks", "independent research" and "personality development". We will be pleased to inform you on any general issues surrounding your doctoral studies and inform you about our very varied qualification program, which also contains details of the training measures offered by our cooperation partners. We can also offer assistance in joining Doc-Networks and PhD success teams, in which doctoral students work together and offer reciprocal support.
Our team is here to help everyone who is either just interested in obtaining a PhD or has already been accepted as a doctoral student or their supervisors. For advice pertaining to your actual dissertation you should contact the professors in the respective faculties.

02.05.2017: Kick-Off Workshop for "Success Teams"

Peer Coaching for Doctoral Researchers - Joining efforts for a successful PhD

You don't want to work on your PhD alone? You want team spirit and more self-discipline? Join our peer coaching workshop and form a "Success Team"!
Peer coaching is an opportunity to reach the goal of a successful PhD together with others. Working together in a team boosts the motivation to plan the various steps and milestones of the doctoral research projects, to work well-focused and efficiently, and consequently brings all Success Team members closer to the completion of their PhD theses.

Registration and  information on the kick-off workshop

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09.05.2017: International PhD Students' Meeting at the "Schlachthofkneipe"

Our regular International PhD Students' Meetings are great occasions to meet fellow doctoral researchers and to exchange experiences on PhD life in Bremen in a friendly atmosphere. Of course, they also provide a good opportunity to meet the ProUB team and to ask all sorts of questions in regards to doing your PhD at Bremen University. Germans who want to meet their international fellows are also warmly welcome!

Our next meeting is on May 9th at the pub "Schlachthofkneipe", 6:00 p.m. Read more.

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eLearning Course "Good Academic Practice during Doctoral Studies"

How should research results be documented? What is the right way to cite? How does one handle image sources? Answers to questions about working correctly are provided in the eLearning course "Good Academic Practice during Doctoral Studies" in German and English. GRADE, the graduate academy of the Goethe University Frankfurt, has designed this course to be interdisciplinary and has provided a review of additional topics regarding doctoral work: how to wisely plan and organize the research project and which legal aspects, such as in labor law or copyright law, are relevant for doctoral researchers. In cooperation with GRADE from February 2017 on, the eLearning course  can be attended by doctoral researchers of University of Bremen! Five modules are available, containing comprehensive information, tests to check the knowledge gained as well as supplementary information materials. Completing all the modules takes about 60 minutes. At the end, you can choose to receive a certificate. You can view a demo version here. For receiving a license key for your individual registration please send an email to Diana Ebersberger.


ProUB supports doctoral students conducting qualitative interviews

PhD students who carry out interviews as part of their research can use a new service from ProUB: From now on digital recording equipment (Olympus WS-812) and a USB foot pedal for easier and faster transcription (for use with the programs f4 and f5) can be lent. For more information please contact Friederike Voet.

Graduate Center Plus

The Graduate Center PLUS is a measure contained in the Institutional Strategy to expand the offer of ProUB and aimed at achieving a “plus” in the quality of training for our doctoral students. Funding will be made available for doc-networks, success teams, external supervisors and postgraduate research projects. You can find more information here.