Current calls for Postdocs
M8 Postdoc-Initiative PLUS

Career perspectives for Postdocs
The University of Bremen perceives a special mission in supporting its Postdocs and makes an effort in providing attractive career pathways for them since a long time. Some 20 years ago, the University’s own Central Research Development Fund started to finance Postdoc positions. Irrespective of these centrally funded positions, there are additional Postdoc positions provided by the respective faculties and institutes of the University

The University of Bremen offers an academic environment ensuring that all Postdocs and researchers on the way to tenured professorships will avail themselves of a broad range of support measures testifying to Bremen’s reputation as a talent incubator. The Personnel Development Office offers a wide range of customized trainings, including intensive (career) coaching, and Research Services is ready to help with grant applications for extra-mural funds. There is support in coordinating career and family life, such as the university’s Day-Care Center and other on-campus child-care facilities. There is a dense interdisciplinary research network with the University of Bremen at its center, offering stimulating research to connect to. Furthermore, the university campus offers ample opportunities for engaging in research cooperation with non-university research institutes of excellence, e.g. including institutes of the Max Planck Society, the Fraunhofer Society, the Helmholtz Association and Leibniz Association. The university's close cooperation with the region's private sector provides the chance to engage in R&D activities.

All Postdocs being funded by one of the funding lines mentioned below, are  part of a Postdoc-Network stimulating their career in a special way.

Central Research Development Fund: TEMPORARY POSITIONS FOR POSTDOCS - Doctoral candidates of any nationality
- Postdocs of any nationality
Doctoral candidates whose PhD certificate will be issued until the starting date of employment (at latest ten months after the application deadline) or whose PhD certificate has at the time of the application deadline not been issued longer than one and a half years ago (date of the doctoral degree certificate) 24 months
Central Research Development Fund: INDEPENDENT PROJECTS FOR POSTDOCS Postdocs of any nationality The doctorate was received at least one year and at most four years prior to application 48 months

Details on the table’s funding lines
At present, there are two special funding lines for Postdocs financed by the University’s Central Research Development Fund (CRDF). Postdocs at an early stage in their careers can receive support to set up independent research projects to be run under their own leadership and responsibility by applying for temporary positions for Postdocs. On the other hand, positions for advanced investigators offer advanced and international Postdocs the opportunity to run their own four-year independent projects for Postdocs in an optimally conducive environment.

Thanks to being one of Germany’s eleven Universities of Excellence, the University can offer further Postdoc positions. Since 2012, the University of Bremen disposes of funds for its Institutional Strategy. The University is implementing its Institutional Strategy through a total of nine measures. Being one of these measures, the of the University of Bremen lays a further career track and awards positions competitively and with their own budget to create more room for independent research in the Postdoc phase. The university has created Early Career postdoctoral positions. In order to strengthen the international visibility, these positions from the Institutional Strategy will be advertised and filled supra-regionally. With the Postdoc Initiative Plus the Postdocs at the University of Bremen shall be able to do research under the best possible circumstances. For this purpose, they can receive funds in the short term. These funds are supposed to facilitate or enhance the independent research of the Postdocs. 

Last but not least, the University offers a new fellowship-programme for Postdocs from 2013 on: The incoming COFUND fellowships – BREMEN TRAC (Fellowships for Transnational Academic Careers). The programme is funded by the University of Bremen and the SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (FP7) Marie Curie Actions. BREMEN TRAC explicitly targets excellent researchers residing outside Germany and offers two-year fellowships. It will contribute to fostering transnational mobility of highly promising researchers at an early career stage.

Female Postdocs
A measure of career advancement explicitly for female Postdocs was introduced in 2004, the “plan m” coaching and mentoring program, that recently received the accolade of being a European Good Practice Project. The program is open to all women at the university, and is also demand-tailored to Excellence Clusters, Graduate Schools, and Collaborative Research Centers. Being an equal-opportunity employer, the University awards at least half of all the above mentioned Postdoc positions to women.