Directions and Site Plan

How do I get to the University? Where are the streetcar stops and parking lots? Where is the GW2 building? The route map shows the directions to the university and the site plan supports orientation on the campus. more »

© Klaus Schäfer-Breede

Mobility Portal

The University of Bremen’s mobility portal makes information available on directions, means of transport, transport services, and journey planning on the campus, for Bremen as well as for longer distances. Here you find quick access to the information of all relevant providers of mobilitiy services. A great help for all students and persons employed at the university, especially for all those who are new in Bremen. more »

© Universität Bremen

IT Services

The IT infrastructure of the university is complex. Here you can find information to help you navigate the jungle of available services. more »

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Daily needs

The Campus offers a variety of resources other than studying and learning facilities: shops and and a market, a barber, sports and cultural activities and much more »

Cultural Offers

Concerts at lunchtime? Movies or radio broadcasts? You can find all this right on campus. more »

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency call, buildings services more »