Advice & Service

Who? Where? What?

Many things at the University will be new to you and initially a little difficult to understand. The University of Bremen has diverse offers of information and advisory services to help you find your way around more easily.

If you would first like to get an idea online of some of the services available or are just browsing around, take a look under some of these headings. Here you will not only find details of the different areas in which advice is available but also the names of persons you can contact.

The Info-Stelle Studium is there to help!
If you prefer to seek advice in person, or if you just happen to be in the University, why not simply drop by and inquire at Info-Stelle Studium. It is located on the first floor of the VWG building, right beside the entrance.

Advice & Support

It’s always worth asking!

Whether you need help with grants (BAföG), on regulations governing studies or examinations, on internships, or in case you have an individual problem with your studies ― here you will find the right place to go to for help and advice.

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Study Organization

In the course of your studies you will often need certain tools and aids to study. These will help you organize things more efficiently: You can loan books from the library, learn a foreign language at the Center for Foreign Languages or find out how to study more efficiently at the Study Workshop, use the e-services on the Learning Platform Stud.IP or the Center for Networks.

Studies & Career

Hand in Hand

Why not let us help you prepare your career (re-)entry. The University of Bremen can assist you with lots of support and tips, also on possibilities for continuing education and everything you need to know about setting up in business on your own.

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Finances, Charges & Fees

Money makes the world go round!

Studying costs money. Students have to think about how to cover their living costs, too. The University of Bremen will help you calculate the costs you will be facing and inform you on different ways to finance your studies.

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Sport, Culture & Media

There’s more to being a student than just studying!

The campus at the University of Bremen encompasses a wide range of offerings and services: Meals in the dining hall, books in the library, courses run by the Study Workshop, language learning, university sports, singing in the choir, stage performances at the Theater der Versammlung. At the University of Bremen you will find a multitude of extra-curricular and leisure activities, too.

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Studies international

There & Back

The University of Bremen is a global player and you benefit from it! No matter whether you are coming to us from abroad, or leaving Bremen to go to abroad, we have numerous ways and cooperation agreements to assist you in your project. more »