Enrolment of Doctoral Candidates

We are happy to welcome you to the University of Bremen as a doctoral candidate.

The enrolment procedure can commence once the Declaration of Acceptance has been issued by the dissertation committee you have applied to.

 If you have not yet received a Declaration of Acceptance from your dissertation committee, you can still apply for enrolment provided that you can produce a Letter of Confirmation signed by a professor, stating that he/she is prepared to act as supervisory for your doctoral dissertation. In this case, enrolment is initially possible for one year, i.e. maximum two semesters. However, the maximum period of two semesters must not be exceeded. To remain enrolled, you must be able to produce the required Declaration of Acceptance from the respective dissertation committee – at the latest before the start of the following semester (01.10. / 01.04.).

Documents required for enrolment

For more information please contact the Secretariat for students

Verwaltungsgebäude, room 0090-0140

e-mail: sfsnoSpam@uni-bremen.de

Phone: 218-61 110

Consultation hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs. 9:00-12:00 a.m., Wed. 14:00-16:00 p.m.

 Once you have submitted these documents and transferred the mandatory Semester Contribution [Semesterbeitrag], all the subsequent semester documents which you need will be sent to you by surface mail without further charge.

General Information

As the enrolment procedure for doctoral candidates takes place outside the normal student admittance procedure there are no deadlines for enrolment, and enrolment can therefore take place for the following semester.

You do not have to be enrolled in order to obtain a doctorate. You can be admitted to the doctoral examination at the University of Bremen without being enrolled as a doctoral student.

The enrolment is necessary, though, if you wish to take advantage of the social benefits available to enrolled students and use university facilities and equipment. All doctoral candidates of the University of Bremen are released from the obligation to pay tuition fees.

Regulations governing doctoral studies

For details of the different procedures, please refer to the respective Faculty regulations.

Absence of leave for doctoral candidates

Doctoral candidates are a special status group and treated differently from regular students.

They belong to the status group of academic staff, and in the regulations governing enrolment are listed as doctoral candidates.

Doctoral candidates can't apply for absence of leave, including research sojourns abroad (as well as release from the obligation to pay for the Semester Ticket during time spent abroad).

Accordingly, they must pay all semester fees.

Release from payment of the Administration Contribution for international grantees

International students who are financed within the scope of bilateral or supranational agreements or within the context of agreements between universities that guarantee release from fees or within the scope of support programs financed in the main from public funds provided by federal bodies or the federal states or by the European Union (grantees) are released from the obligation to pay the Administration Contribution.

In the vent of the above, accordant evidence of the respective grant must be produced and submitted with applications for enrolment. Otherwise it will not be possible to be released from payment of the Administration Contribution.