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Where and when can I obtain application forms?

You have to submit your application online. You will find the link to the online application on the right. The online application will be available two months before the closing date of applications (deadline).



How do I apply for a place at the University of Bremen?

You will find the online application for all offered Master programs here: https://movein-uni-bremen.moveonnet.eu/movein/portal/studyportal.php?_language=en

You could apply two months before the closing date for applications (deadline) at the earliest. You have to apply online only.

When is the deadline for submitting applications?

You will find the deadline dates for applications in the overview of degree programs.

Can I apply for more than one Master course?

You can do one application only. In the case that you have submitted more than one application, the last one received by the University will be considered only.

Which courses are admission restricted?

All the courses those who are marked with “Z” in the table of courses are admission restricted.

Will I get admitted in a course without restricted admission?

You will be admitted if you fullfil the admission requirements. You will find the admission requirements in the terms of application of the chosen course.

What does “Transcript of Records” mean?

With your application you must submit an official record of the subjects you have studied and the grades you were awarded: this is called a “Transcript of Records”. A personal data sheet will not be accepted.

What are CPs (ECTS)?

ECTS stands for “European Credit Transfer System”. CP stands for “Credit Points”. The European Credit Transfer System was introduced to ensure that
academic achievement is uniformly recognized by all universities within
the European University Area and to facilitate the international mobility
of students. The credit points you are awarded at any university within
the European University Area will be recognized by all other universities
participating in the system and can count towards the number of credit
points your need for your degree.
In the event that your home university does not award credit points
under the European Credit Transfer System, you should submit a personal
data sheet containing subjects studied and the grades you were awarded.
This will be passed on for evaluation by the respective Examinations

How should documents be certified?

Who is permitted to officially certify my application documents?

outside Germany:
Diplomatic missions and consular posts of the Federal Republic of Germany.

in Germany:
Meldestellen, Ortsämter, Gemeindeverwaltungen, Stadtverwaltungen (Rathaus), Kreisverwaltungen, law courts, notaries public Schools, state-run preparation courses and universities may only certify the certificates they have issued themselves.

Translation of certification details:

When written in a language other than German (or English), the details of certification must be included in the official translation of the respective documents. Such translations must be performed by a translator who is officially approved in Germany or by a German embassy. (exception: English)



Is it possible to submit documents once the deadline has been passed?

The various deadlines for submitting admission applications for Master Programs are listed in the table “overview of degree programs”. All the documents listed in the Admission Regulations of the University of Bremen must be uploaded. Language certificates as well as documentation of course work and examination grades in respect of first degrees must be submitted not later than two weeks after the start of courses within the Masters Program latest.

What will happen if my application is deemed to be incomplete?

You can not submit incomplete applications.

Will I receive notification that my application has been received?

After you have submitted the online application, the text appears: Application sent. Your online application has been successfully submitted. This message is your receipt.

When will I receive an official letter?

First the applications must be checked by SfS-International and by a admission committee or examination board. This process takes some time. Every application will be answered as soon as possible.

How much fees will I have to pay?

You will find details about the Semesterbeitrag (semester "contribution")
on the following website: http://www.uni-bremen.de/en/studies/studien-pruefungsverwaltung/formalitaeten-im-studienverlauf/re-registration-and-semester-contribution.html

From the 15th semester of university studies within the European Union (EU) students will be charged tuition in an amount of € 500 per semester. Please use the link (only German language) for more information on tuitions and possible exemptions.

How do I provide evidence of my language skills?

Language Skills for levels A1, A2 and B1 accepted the University of Bremen academic performance. Therefore, to a Lesson duration be demonstrated in the following amounts.
A1-proof: at least 1 year language course at school.
A2-proof: at least 3 years education.
B1-proof:the High School with 12 years of schooling (G8):min. 6 years teaching foreign languages continues to mind.End 11th grade,the High School with 13 years of school (G9):min. 7 years teaching foreign languages to mind. End 12th grade.
If the conditions are not met, the evidence must by a test or a certificate to be provided.
The C1 Level has been proven, when you hold a Bachelor with Medium of Instruction is English

The Fremdsprachenzentrum (FZHB) [Center of Foreign Languages] at the University of Bremen offers various language certificate examinations: click

Language certificate examinations offered by the FZHB [Center of Foreign Languages] Comparison table of international language certificates: click

For admission to international Masters Programs – description of language competence C1  - Rektoratsbeschluss [PDF] (17 KB)  (only in German language, special result in ibt 90 points)

In the event that you intend to sit the TOEFL test, enter the Code 5740 for the University of Bremen.

Here you find the Requirements for German Language: click

Who can help me if I have questions?

If you have questions, you could contact us: click
You can visit us during our opening hours as well.