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Amendment: click [PDF] (17 KB)

German (C1)

English (B2)
 [PDF] (33 KB)
ZBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyEnglish (C1) [PDF] (19 KB)
Chemie German (C1)
 [PDF] (32 KB)

Communication & Information Technology
Starts only in summer term

English (C1) [PDF] (18 KB)

Control, Microsystems, Microelectronics

Starts only in summer term

English (C1) [PDF] (18 KB)
Community and Family Health Nursing

German (C1)

English (B1) [PDF] (29 KB)
ZDigitale MedienEnglish (C1) [PDF] (20 KB)
ZEcologyEnglish (C1) [PDF] (18 KB)
Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

German (C1)

English (B1) [PDF] (34 KB)
Environmental PhysicsEnglish (C1)


here [PDF] (19 KB)

German (C1)

English (B2) [PDF] (31 KB)


German (C1)

English (B1) [PDF] (33 KB)
InformatikGerman (C1)Winter term:31.05. Summer [PDF] (28 KB)

ISATEC Int. Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology

English (C1) [PDF] (18 KB)
ZKlinische Psychologie

German (C1)

English (B1) [PDF] (13 KB)
ZMarine BiologyEnglish (C1) [PDF] (18 KB)

Marine Geosciences

English (C1) [PDF] (60 KB)
ZMarine Microbiology MARMIC English (C1) [PDF] (20 KB)

Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy

English (C1) [PDF] (60 KB)
MathematikGerman (C1)Winter term:15.07. Summer [PDF] (32 KB)

Medical Biometry / Biostatistics

next Start: Winter term 2016

German (C1)

English (B1) [PDF] (41 KB)
ZNeurosciencesEnglish (C1) [PDF] (19 KB)

German (C1)

English (B1)

Winter term:15.07.

Summer term:15.01.

here [PDF] (23 KB)
ZPhysical Geography: Environmental HistoryEnglish (C1) [PDF] (48 KB)

Produktionstechnik – Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik I und II

Please note: For admission an entrance test is required. The test must be passed with at least 50% of the available points. The test date for summer term 17 is: February, 03rd, 2017

Amendment only for advanced Students: click [PDF] (34 KB)

German (C1)

Englisch (B2)

Winter term:15.07. Summer [PDF] (33 KB)
Produktionstechnik Preparation Study

German (B2)

  Summer [PDF] (38 KB)
Z"Space Engineering" I und „Space Engineering II"

Englisch (C1)

Deutsch (B1)

Winter term: 15.06.

Summer term: 15.01.

here [PDF] (66 KB)
ZSpace Sciences and Technologies – Sensing, Processing, Communication

Englisch (C1)

Deutsch (B1) [PDF] (31 KB)
 Systems Engineering

German (C1)

English (B1)

Winter term:15.07. Summer [PDF] (29 KB)

Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Produktionstechnik

German (C1)

English (B2)

Winter term:15.07. Summer [PDF] (31 KB)

Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

German (C1)

English (B2) [PDF] (34 KB)


Please note: Information about the obligatory entrance test and about additional requirements you will find here

German (C1)

English (B2) [PDF] (45 KB)
Z= restricted admission