Study programs

Nice to see that you are interested in studying at Bremen University.

Here you will find information on the comprehensive range of study programs delivered at Bremen University. Make the most of the information contained in this section to compare your own personal interests and capabilities with the individual program requirements and to assess whether they fit.

If after this you are still not quite sure which is the best program for you, you should contact a student advisor at the Central Student Advisory Bureau to get some assistance and to develop a clear concept of what you want to study. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the offers of advice available ― the final choice of studies is yours alone.

Study & Career Fields

As an initial guide, we have sorted the different study programs into eight main areas of study and future career fields. This will help you to make the first rough selection. more »

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Bachelor, Master, Diplom?
Information on the different degrees awarded at Bremen University and the corresponding study programs. more »

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Study Programs in Alphabetical Order

You already have a pretty good idea of what you want to study?
Here you will find everything you need to know about the individual study programs delivered at Bremen University, sorted in alphabetical order. more »

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Teacher Training Studies

Studies in teacher training at Bremen University follow the consecutive two-step Bachelor/Master structure. Here we inform you about study contents, the structure of studies, the practical phases, and everything else you need to know about studying to be a teacher.

Doctoral Studies

A doctorate is a basic prerequisite for a career in academia. A doctorate may also enhance your career chances in some other areas outside research.
Bremen University offers its doctoral students a very broad range of support services, among other things a Research Academy and structured doctoral programs in graduate schools and research groups. more »

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Continuing Education

Bremen University also has a number of continuing education offerings ― for careers, practice based, and oriented to the state of the art. These extra-occupational offerings range from one-day seminars to part-time study programs. There are also offerings of continuing education specially designed for enterprises and institutions. more »