Bachelor & Master

Bremen University has adapted all its degree programs to meet the requirements of the Bachelor/Master system. Bachelor’s and Master’s are stepped degrees. On conclusion of Bachelor studies, as a rule a six-semester program, graduates leave the University with the award of a Bachelor Degree, which is both an academic degree as well as a first professional qualification - or they continue studying on a Master Program. These programs have a duration of either 2 or 4 semesters.

First Law Exam (Staatsexamen)

Law education in Germany comprises two phases: law studies and a subsequent phase of practical legal training in German courts. The first law exam is sat at the end of 9 semesters of university study. The second law exam is taken following a 24-month period of practical legal training.

Teacher Training

The teacher training program at a German university comprises three phases: First, Bachelor studies and building on this Master studies and then a period of practical teacher training in schools. A Master of Education is the equivalent of what was previously known as the first state examination (Staatsexamen). The Master studies are followed by an 18-month period of practical teacher training in schools, which concludes with the second state examination.