Bremer Uni-Schlüssel

The „Bremer Uni-Schlüssel“ (BUS) is the internal German-language periodical newspaper of the University of Bremen, containing information for students and University employees on life and activities on the campus. Coverage includes articles on developments in the various Faculties, university life, new construction and renovation of buildings, prizes and awards, research and teaching, as well as on individual personalities. more »


The information magazine „highlights“ presents University research projects in German and English. Aiming to reach as high a readership as possible, we present academic themes in a way that the content can be easily understood by laypersons. The magazine also contains breif news items concerning teaching and research at the University of Bremen, portraits of individuals, and interviews. "highlights" appears twice yearly. more »

© Harald Rehling/Universität Bremen

University Yearbook

Every year the University published a new yearbook. This German/English publication reports on the important events of the past year of campus life in a lively and interesting way. For instance, the Yearbook includes an illustrated chronicle, the latest statistics on the situation anf development of the University and a feature section on teaching or research. more »

© Universität BremenDie Imagebroschüre der Universität Bremen

Image Brochure

Aside from the Info Brochure, the University offers an Image Brochure in English and German. The larger size and new layout of the image brochure presents the University's teaching, research and internationalization. It includes portraits, quotes and illustrations in a modern design. more »