Further Research Awards


  • Prof. Thilo Kuntz form the Law Faculty received the University Prize endowed with 10,000 euros conferred by the Deutsche Aktieninsitut for his excellent postdoctoral thesis. Kuntz became a professor of the University of Bremen in January 2015.

  • The Foundation Institute of Materials Science (IWT) at the University of Bremen, together with the universites in Munich, Aachen and Kaiserslautern,  received the Innovation Prize 2015 awarded by the German Steel Association. The group has developed materials of high mechanical durability that are at the same time resistant to slag entrapment.

  • The North German Conference of Sicence Ministers conferred the North German Science Prize worth 10,000 euros on a team that includes the MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen, the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research in Kiel, and the Leibniz Institute Sencenberg am Meer in Wilhelmhaven. The researchs topics are the effects of changes in the environment on the eco system of cold water corals.

  • The Federal Ministry for Education and Research is supporting the German collaborative research group RACE "Regional Atlantic Circulation in Global Change" in an amount of 4.4 million euros for three years. RACE began investigating the Atlantic currents that effect the climate from the Atlantic Ocean to the tropics in 2012. As on January 2016, the project coordination will rest with Professor Monika Rhein from the MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and the Institute for Environmental Physics (IUP).

  • Professor Claus Lämmerzahl, Director of the Center for Aerospace Research and Microgravity (ZARM) at the Universtiy of Bremen, was made a Correspondent Member of the Interntational Academy of Astronautics (IAA) for his services in the field of space science.

  • The amalgamated Chamber Choir of the University of Arts Bremen (HfK) and the University of Bremen won took two golds - one in the spiritual and the other in the worldly category - at the International Choir Festival in Lisbon.

  • The prize for start-up enterprises awarded by the Sparkasse Bremen went to SCiLS GmbH. A University spin-off foundet by Prof. Peter Maaß, Dr. Theodore Alexandrov and Dr. Dennis Trede. SCiLS GmbH developed an innovative software solution for use in imaging mass spectrometry.

  • As one of ten projects, the FabLab Bremen received the Code Week Award. The prize granted jointly by Technologiestiftung Berlind and the Samsung Corporation is endowed 5,000 euros. The FabLab provides frmail high-school students with low-threshold access to engineering technology and helps them implement their creative ideas, said the jury.

  • The science platform meereisportal.de by the University of Bremen and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) is among the winners of the nationwide innovation competition "Outstanding Landmark in the Land of Ideas" 2015.

  • The Bremen Marine researcher Antje Boetius was elected as member of the DFG Senate. The DFG also calls upon several other experts from the University of Bremen to act in different capacities: The professors Karin Gottschall, Frank Nullmeier, Justus Notholt, Wolfgang Bach and Rolf Drechsler were appointed to act on its review boards.

  • Professor of Production Engineering, Ekkard Brinksmeier is the first member of the University of Bremen to accept the offer to take over the post as President of the International Academy for Production Engineering. A great success for the University because the 30-year old Production Engineering in Bremen is one of the youngest German faculties in the area of mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology.

  • The Professor of Physics, John Philip Burrows was awarded the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Silver Medal for his outstanding contribution to science and leading role in promoting international cooperation.

  • Vice President and Professor for Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, was conferred two honors: The Center for Migrants and Intercultural Studies in Bremen acclaimed her for her successful work in the field of "Intercultural Education".
    In October Prof. Karakaşoğlu was appointed to the Board of the "Young European Research Universites Network" (YERUN). The network will pool their experience on issues of modern university management.


  • The Bremen Professor Antje Boetius was admitted into the exclusive cirlce of just 18 outstanding researches from German top-level universities to have so far received the prize awarded by the German Hector Foundation. She was also appointed "Hector Fellow".

  • The US-American Society for Sedimentary Geology conferred the Francis P. Shepard-Medal on the geologist Professor Gerold Wefer in honor for his outstanding research.

  • Professor Stephan Leibfried received the Schader Prize for his oustanding contribution to social scientific research on the Welfare State and the State.

  • Dr. Jens Lehmann, lead scientist of the geoscientific cellection in the Faculty of Geosciences, is the first person outside Britain to receive the Richard Owen Award from the Palaeontographical Society in London erhalten.

  • It is the target of the "mapretec" research project to research possibilities for streamlining the production process by introducing new automated manufacturing processes. For this the Institute for Integrated Product Development (BIK) (project leader), the SAERTEX corporation and AREVA Blades won the JEC Innovation Award.

  • The University spin-off "solvertec" is awarded with the Embedded Award 2014 during Germany's most important specialist fair, the Embedded World. solvertec has come up with a process that swiftly and precisely locates the causes of error in the design of complex digital chips - and shows how to rectify the mistakes.

  • Two honors for the Vice Rector Yasemin Karakaşoğlu: The Vice Rector for Intercutural and International Affairs was awarded the German Dialogue Prize 2014 in the category science by the Bund Deutscher Dialoginstitutionen (BDDI). Furthermore she was proclaimed Bremen Diversity Personality of the Year 2014.

  • The collaborative research group "Forschungsverbund Windenergie" was awarded the North German Science Prize 2014. Thereby, the ministries of science in the North German states honored the exemplary cross-institution and interregional cooperation.

  • Dr. Amin Ardestani from the Bremen Center for Biomolecular Interactions in the Faculty of Biology/Chemistry received the Förderpreis awarded by the German Diabetes Society. Ardestany identified the key protein believed to be a cause of diabetes.

  • Dr.-Ing. Benny Rievers from the Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravitation (ZARM) was awarded a Zeldovich Medal for his research on the so-called Pioneer Anomaly, the gradual slowing down of the NASA Pioneer space probes 10 and 11.

  • With his book "Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology", the Professor of Mathematics, Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov, made it to number three on the list of best publications on the subject of "computing".

  • Dr. Doris Sövegjarto-Wigbers received the Bremen Prize for Climate Protection 2014.

  • Professorin Kerstin Schill, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Sciences was made a member of the Senate of the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) [German Research Foundation]

  • Professor Uwe Schimank, Professor for Sociological Theory in the Faculty of Social Sciences, became a full member of the Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

  • Sociologist Dr. Carina Schmitt was accepted into the ranks of excellent junior inverstigators organized in the "Junge Akademie".


  • For the engagement in investigating ways to improve and introduce innovations in the field of bearing technology the Stiftung Institut für Werkstofftechnik (IWT) received the Honorary Award of the Schaeffler FAG Stiftung.

  • Marine biologist and ecologist, Doris Abele, receives the "Biomaris Forschungspreis zur Förderung der Meereswissenschaften im Land Bremen".

  • Physics Professor John P. Burrows was awarded the Vilhelm-Bjerknes-Medaille 2013 for his outstanding services to science and leading research in the area of satellite remot sensing.

  • Moritz Renner, holder of the Lichtenberg Professorship at the University of Bremen is one of ten excellent young researchers to be admitted to the  "Young Academy".

  • The Virtuelle Academie Sustainability at the University of Bremen received acclaim for being one of the "guiding beacons of education for sustainable development" from the German Government's committee for Education, Research and Assessment of the Consequences of Technological Advance and the German UNESCO Commission. Participants of the Akademie are the Center for Multimedia in Teaching (ZMML) and Georg Müller-Christ, professor of General Business Administration.

  • Production Engineer Professor Ekkard Brinksmeier was voted onto the Board of the Collège International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP). Initially, he will be their "Vice President-Elect", before he assumes the office of President in 2016.

  • Dr.-Ing. Thomas Lübben managed in an exceptional way to transfer research findings into the practice and initiate significant advances in the area of materials science and thermo treatment. Therefore, the work group Wärmebehandlung und Werkstofftechnik e.V. (AWT) awarded him the "Karl-Wilhelm-Burgdorf-Preis".


  • Nicole Dubilier from the Max-Planck-Institute of Marine Microbiology and MARUM receives a highly endowed 'Scientist Award' by the Marine Microbiology Initiate of the Gordon and Betty Moore-Foundation.

  • In the research ratings in humanities of the Science Council, the English and American Studies at the University of Bremen are accoladed "excellent".

  • Dr. Maximilian Reuter from the Institute of Environmental Physics developed a technique that delivers extraordinary images of the earth. Together with his co-author Dr. Susanne Pfeifer, he was honored with the Len Curtis Prize by the "Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society".

  • Dr. Maike Schmidt (University of Bremen) and Dr. Stephanie Dauth (Jacobs University Bremen) receive the Ernst-A.-C.-Lange-Prize for their cooperation project "Alterations in brain cell differentiation, metabolism and functions in cathepsin K-deficiency".

  • Researchers of the University of Bremen and the Faserinstituts FIBRE develop the DRAPETEST device. This testing device for the first time makes it possible to arrive at completely standardized measurements and descriptions of the elasticity of textiles.

  • Professorin Kathrin Mädler receives the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Young Researcher Prize 2012 for developing new techniques in the research of type 2 diabetes.

  • In the Winter Semester 2012, the multi award-winning jurist Dr. Moritz Renner took up a Lichtenber Professorship for transnational business law and the theory of business law.

  • The CHE Center for University Development and the Financial Times Deutschland voted Prof. Wilfried Müller as "University Manager of the Year 2012".

  • The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bremen bestowed an honorary doctorate on Prof. Ulrich K. Preuß.

  • Professors Karin Gottschall, Monika Rhein, Kerstin Schill and Hildgeard Westphal as well as Justus Notholt and Georg Mohr were elected as members of DFG review board.

  • Sociology professor and director of the Bremen International Graduate School for Social Sciences (BIGSSS) Steffen Mau is appointed to a seat on the German Science Council for a period of three years.

  • The Wolfgang Heilmann Prize for humane utilization of information technology goes to Prof. Herbert Kubicek and Dr. Martin Hagen.

  • Bremen Scholar of ancient history, Prof. Tassilo Schmitt becomes first liasion professor for the "Stiftung Begabtenförderung berufliche Bildung". Furthermore, the plenary session of the German Association of Philosophy Faculties elected him as their Chairman.

  • The project "Bewegungszeit" [time to move] supported by the "Regenbogenfisch" Foundation was decorated by the association "Deutschland wird inklusiv - wir sind dabei" [Germany wants to be inclusive and we want to be part of it] for its longstanding offers of inclusive sport and games in Bremen.


  • Oceanographer Prof. Gerold Wefer, Director of the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) receives the Bremen Town Musician Prize 2011 for his commitment to making science entertaining and comprehensible to the general public.

  • Wolfgang Eichwede, founding director of the Research Center for Eastern European Studies was awarded the Aleksandre-Men-Preis for his contribution towards establishing a balanced pricture of Eastern Europe in the German public eye.

  • Professor Kathrin Mädler receives the highest award of the German Diabetes Society (DDG) for her groundbreaking research on combating the widespread disease.
  • At the annual meeting of the  Deutschen Gesellschaft für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft, Professor Andreas Hepp, Çiğdem Bozdağ and Laura Suna from the Center for Media, Communications, and Information Research (ZeMKI) were awarded for the best paper on cummunication science. Katharina Lobinger receives the award "Soziologie der Medienkommunikation" [the sociology of media vommunication] for the best PhD thesis. Matthias Berg receives an award for the third-best paper contributed by a young researcher.

  • Michael Strasser from MARUM is awarded the Hans-Cloos-Preis 2011 for his research on the subject of undersea avalances, which may be a cause of Tsunamis.

  • In recognition of his research work, Dr. Jörg Thöming is awarded the Peter Franz Neelmeyer Foundation Award 2011.

  • During the 13th IEEE International Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS), Stefan Frehse, Dr. Görschwin Fey and Professor Rolf Drechsler are awarded for their new method for the measurement and evaluation of the robustness of electronic components on computer chips.


  • Professor Stefan Görres and Dr. Martina Stöver recieve the Schönwald-Preis 2010 for their research on the extent of dementia care training in nursing curriculums.

  • Professor Iris Pigeot, director of the Bremen Insitute of Prevention Research and Social Medicine is awarded the Susanne Dahms Medal by the German Region of International Biometrics Society.

  • Dieter Senghaas, pioneer of peace, development and conflict studies, is the recipient of the first Leopold Kohr Prize from the Leopold Kohr Academy in Salzburg.

  • Professor Axel Gräser, Director of the Institute for Automation Technology in the Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engieering was made and Honorary Professor by the University of Temeswar, Romania.

  • The Federation of Reinforced Plastics gave the Environmental Innovation Award to the Faserinstitute Bremen FIBRE in recognition of work on new composite materials from recycled carbon fibers.


  • The Bremen Institute od Production and Logistics GmbH (BIBA) does research on innovative approches to production and logistics.  Therefore, the BIBA was selected as part of a nationwide competition "365 Orte im Land der Ideen".

  • Theologian and philosopher Prof. Raul Fornet-Betancourt received the "Karl-Otto Apel International Prize for Philosophy" in recognition of his work in the field of intercultural philosophy.

  • Prof. Gert Goch, Director of the Institute for Metrology, Automation, and Quality Sciences, has been named Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the leading organization for manufacturing professionals in North America..

  • Dr. Thilo Eickhorst of the Institute of Soil Science was awarded the German Society of Soil Sientists Fritz Scheffer Prize for his research on the soils of Chinese rice paddies, including the identification of soil microorganisms and characterization of microbial habitats.

  • Dr. Enzo Morosini Frazzon and Thomas Makuschewitz of the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA) were awarded the Best Paper Award at the 42nd Conference on Manufacturing Systems in Grenoble. Their contribution "Integrated Manufacturing and Logisitics along Global Supply Chains," presents a new method for coordinating decentralized manufacturing and transport systems in global supply chains.


  • Bernd-Artin-Wessels-Preis 2007 - Price for collaborations between academia and mid-sized business enterprises goes to Dr. Guido Prause and team for the projekt "DynaCAD" by MeWiS Research and MeViS Technology. Dr. Ulrich Glotzbach und Christoph Breckenfelder from the Center for Computing Technologies (TZI) and a representative of Statex Manufacturing Company recieve the prize for outstanding innovation.

  • Professor Ekkard Brinksmeier (Faculty of Production Engineering) was named a "Fellow Member" of the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

  • Tbilisi State University, Republic of Georgia, awarded Professor Jochen Zimmermann, dean of the Department of Economics, an honorary doctorate for his work on the design and construction of the university's new economics degree program.

  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) honored Denis Asheto, a doctoral student at the Center of Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology, for his exceptional achievements in the area of tropical aquatic ecology.

  • The prize for German educational media digita 2008 was awarded to the Research Group "Praxisnahe Berufsbildung" [Vocational Education].

  • The political scientist Professor Nicole Deitelhoff was awarded the Heinz-Maier-Leibnitz-Preis 2008.

  • Professor Hans-Werner Zoch, director of the Institute for material Science, was appointed vice-president of the International Federation for Heat Teatment and Surface Engineering. Furthermore, he was nominated to join the steering committee of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AIF).

  • Dr. Björn-Martin Sinnhuber, Institute of Environmental physics was awarded the International ozon Commission's Dobson-Preis.

  • Members of the Bremen's Institute for Project Management and Innovation won the Best-Paper-Award Innovation Management given by the European Business School and MikroFORUM High Technology Park Wendelsheim GmbH.