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Our town

The Hanseatic City on the banks of the River Weser emanates a special charm. Bremen enjoys a reputation for being cosmopolitan and tolerant. It has a lot to offer: Ports and ships, universities, colleges, high-tech, and picturesque narrow streets built in centuries past, not to forget a comprehensive program of sports and culture events.


In 2005 Bremen was the very first town to be awarded the distinction “City of Science“. It was in connection with this that Bremen erected the House of Science, where visitors are now able to gain interesting insights into life and work at Bremen’s universities, colleges and research institutions. The Universum Science Center, located close by the University of Bremen and the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven are further examples of how science can be made visible and brought to life.


The two-city State Bremen/Bremerhaven is the only economic metropolis in Germany which is truly ”mobile” – on land, the water, and in the air. Bremen is the second-largest manufacturing and R&D locations in the European association of the “Airbus Family“. Hosting the headquarters of EADS SPACE, Bremen can also claim to be a leader in conquering space transportation. The port and logistics branch is one of Bremen’s most important economic sectors. Bremen products like Hachez chocolate, Beck`s beer and Jacobs coffee are household words around the world.


Bremen is not just an important location for science and business. It also has a great deal to offer in the field of culture. In 2004 the City Hall and the Roland statue on the market square, a symbol of justice and freedom, were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bremen Glocke is one of the most beautiful concert halls in the North of Germany. The Schnoor is Bremen’s oldest district. Some100 or so historical terraced houses huddled together in a closely-knit maze of narrow cobbled streets – arranged like a winding thread, the old German name for which, “Schnoor”, gave the district its name. Besides the Bremen theater, the bremer shakespeare company, Bremen hosts a number of festivals – for example, the “Breminale“ – this five-day open-air festival held on the banks of the River Weser attracts upwards of 150,000 visitors every year. The River Weser, lots of green areas and parks, and the surrounding countryside offer unending leisure opportunities.


Come what may: the Bremen people are loyal and enthusiastic supporters of their soccer team. The town on the Weser is home to Werder Bremen, a top European club. The people of Bremen are sports enthusiasts in other respects, too. No matter what the weather, you will always see them riding around on their bikes or boating on the river,. At the start of each year, professional cyclists stage Bremen’s traditional Six-Day-Race.

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