Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination

An overview of our units and areas of activity

Network Anti-discrimination

We are an alliance of people working in the field of structural discrimination at the University of Bremen. Some of us are working for university facilities, some are elected representatives for specific minorities at the university and some represent (other) interest groups. We are available as contact persons for students, employees and multipliers.

We are a network for mutual support and for the support of persons or groups that are disadvantaged or discriminated against at the University of Bremen.

Some of us focus on specific forms of inequality and mechanisms of exclusion e.g. gender/queer, (dis)abilities or social, cultural or religious backgrounds, also in combination with issues concerning formal status, parenthood or/and subject-specific mechanisms of exclusion.

Some of us use multi-perspective approaches to address various forms of discrimination and inequality, for example diversity management or conflict and complaint management (against discrimination and violence in education and work).

We believe that different categories of discrimination interact with and reinforce each other and we study discriminatory conditions, inequalities and the structures that produce them.

In our work

  • we provide information
  • we mark discriminatory conditions and inequalities as such
  • we intervene, we admonish, we take a stand and control

We align our work with the interests of those who address us.