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In view of how young the University of Bremen is, it has achieved a remarkable amount in such a short space of time. It is a reform university and, as such, a role model for modern institutions of higher education. In 2006 the University positioned itself among the top ten universities in Germany within the frame of the Excellence Initiative sponsored by the German government and the federal states. This success gives us added incentive and we are entering the second phase of the contest with the clear objective of becoming a University of Excellence!! more »

Why become a benefactor of the University?

What is it that motivates people to set up a foundation to support the University or to advance research in the area of climate change? Over the past few years many such persons have decided to become benefactors of the University of Bremen. Their reasons for doing so are as manifold as the projects they support. Here you can read something about their individual motivations and why they decided to actively support the University of Bremen... more »

Become a benefactor of the University of Bremen

Clever minds and first-class researchers need partners. The standard of academic education and research at the University of Bremen is outstanding ─ but with your help it could rise to even greater heights. If your interest lies in cultural subjects or you feel it your duty to help advance research on our environment, or if you want to give young people the chance you had (or maybe didn’t have), or if you would like to offer support to an outstanding young talent ─ there are as many good reasons as suitable opportunities for supporting the University of Bremen and its students and researchers more »

Partner Enterprises

Universities are vital factors of economic and societal development. It is here that innovation takes place, generating important stimuli for our society. In addition to this, they are of course important educational institutions for the next generation of academically trained specialists and leaders. more »

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Our Sponsors & Partners

Over the years a great many benefactors and partners have thrown their weight behind the University of Bremen and provided funding for diverse projects and events. Without their help the University of Bremen would not be where it now is. The University wishes to thank all its sponsors and partners for their trust and support.

Here you can find a list of the University of Bremen’s sponsors and partners. more »

Supported Projects

Here you can see a list of our projects. more »

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University Foundation

If you would like to learn something about the University of Bremen’s Foundation, or if you would like to make a donation, or even set up your own foundation in support of the University, don’t hesitate to get in touch. more »