Sponsor a Deutschlandstipendium and help support bright young minds

Well-trained professionals are vital to the future of all of us.

The task of the University of Bremen is to produce graduates capable of dealing with the challenges facing our society. The Federal Government’s student stipend program entitled “Deutschlandstipendium” offers an ideal opportunity to help these committed young individuals through their period of studies.

Having just become a winner of the Excellence Initiative launched by the Federal Government and the federal German states, the University of Bremen now officially ranks in the exclusive top league of German universities. We harness our excellence in teaching and research to create what we call our “campus of young talent”. By contributing to the Deutschlandstipendium you can become part of this highly worthwhile effort. You will be able to make personal acquaintance with the grantees and help promote selected bright young minds with a proven commitment to the welfare of our society. This way you can make a real contribution to securing the future of your enterprise and society at large.

Join us and the Federal Government in promoting ambitious students and hence in adding momentum to education in our country, which, although lacking in raw materials, abounds in potential talent.

The concept: Half from the Government; the other half from you

The Deutschlandstipendium enables us to provide a student with a grant worth 300 euros a month. Half of this, 150 euros a month, is contributed by private individuals, and the other 150 euros comes from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. A stipend for one year can therefore be secured for an annual payment of 1,800 euros.

The grantees: How many stipends can be awarded?

Each year the Federal Ministry fixes a quota with a view to the program’s continual expansion. For 2014 the University of Bremen is able to provide up to 1.5% of the student body with a Deutschlandstipendium.

Who is eligible for support?

The program is aimed at especially talented and committed students. In addition to this, the University of Bremen attaches great importance to the applicant’s personality. With this in mind, the selection procedure not only takes account of academic achievement but also of a candidate’s social commitment and personal initiative, as well as individual circumstances such as childcare, migrant backgrounds and homecare of relatives.

How am I able to contribute? What you as a sponsor can do.

Funding package 1: You finance one or more stipends in an amount of 150 euros a month (1,800 euros a year) for a period of not less than 3 years. If you wish to contribute for a longer period, we are able to ensure that grantees will receive the stipend throughout the whole period of their studies. You decide which academic discipline or career field the grantee should belong to.

- mathematics, engineering and production
- the human sciences and health
- teacher training
- nature and the environment
- art, music and culture
- linguistics and literature
- society and education
- management and law

In the interest of ensuring that the stipend goes to the most worthy students, we recommend that you do not attach any restrictions to your contribution.

Funding package 2: You finance one or more stipends in an amount of 150 euros a month (1,800 a year) for not less than 1 year. In so doing, you will be supporting particularly talented and committed students.

Wir fördern das Deutschland Stipendien, das Logo

Your benefit

  • You participate towards enabling young people to receive a top academic training.
  • You help promote tomorrow’s young professionals.
  • You promote bright young people with social responsibility and commitment, helping to enrich our society in all its facets.
  • You get to know the grantees personally.
  • You gain insights into research and academia.
  • You can offset your donation against tax.
  • Your donation will be doubled by the Government.
  • You present yourself as an attractive employer.
  • You strengthen your network.

You would like to make your contribution towards supporting bright young minds?

Please feel free to contact us or simply complete the sponsoring agreement [PDF] (1.5 MB) and return it to us.