Dual Career

Dual Career Welcome Service

Welcome in Bremen!

You’ve just been made a professor at the University of Bremen? Then: Congratulations and welcome to Bremen!

If the new appointment means a change of location, the University of Bremen will be happy to support your partner’s new start, too.

For instance, the University can be of help in arranging childcare (a place at nursery school / kindergarten) or even employment. However, please understand that although we will do our utmost to help, there is no guarantee that we will always be successful.

The Dual Career Welcome Service is a component of the University of Bremen´s "Grete Henry Program".


The University will be pleased to help you secure a place in one of the following childcare facilities:

  • Uni-Kita is for children aged between 1 and 3. They are looked after in six mixed-age groups of eight children each (you will find more information under: www.unikita-bremen.de/).
  • The Uni-Kids facility caters for children from the age of 6 months up to school entry. The children are provided for the whole year over in a kindergarten group, three nursery school groups, and a mixed-age group of older children(more information under: www.uni-kids.de/aktuell/).
  • Children aged between 3 and 6 can attend the Entdeckerhaus the whole year over. The Entdeckerhaus (House of discovery) is divided into two kindergarten groups and four nursery school groups (for more information go to: www.das-entdeckerhaus.de/).

Finding employment for partners of new professors

Our Dual Career Welcome Service can also offer support in finding a job for your partner. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please send a copy of your partner’s curriculum vitae to the following e-mail address: dual.career@uni-bremen.de.