Senior Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the University of Bremen

Senior Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the Universität Bremen

The contribution to teaching and research made by members of the non-professorial academic staff at the University cannot be overestimated. Their role in the acquisition of third-party funding, support in the preparation of research proposals, and the supervision of students and doctoral candidates are just some of their important functions. In order to show its appreciation for this role and to communicate the vital function played by this status group to outsiders, the University of Bremen is introducing a new job description to make such careers more attractive. Provided certain conditions are met, those members of the academic staff at the University of Bremen who perform independent research and teaching functions will in future be given the title of “Bremen Senior Researcher” or “Bremen Senior Lecturer”.

The University of Bremen has always placed an important focus on promoting independent teaching and research on the part of its non-professorial academic staff and has provided accordantly attractive conditions for this type of position. The purpose behind this new initiative is to retain and advance top-level researchers and teachers at the University of Bremen. This move is based on the personnel structures found at British universities. Internationally, Senior Researchers and Senior Lecturers tend to enjoy higher esteem than research assistants. The title “Bremen Senior Researcher/Lecturer” will lend them a higher standing in the international academic community and help position the University in the global competition among universities.

By German standards, the University of Bremen is pursuing an unconventional course by introducing the job title “Bremen Senior Researcher/Lecturer” within the personnel structure of its academic staff. In this way we are responding to the need to create sustainable career structures for post-docs in the German science system.

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