Sustainable Chemistry

Department Sustainable Chemistry

The department Sustainable Chemistry is part of the Chair "Chemical Engineering-Recovery and Recycling (VdW)" of the "Center for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT)", which is a central scientific institution of the "University of Bremen". Head of the depart is Dr. habil. Stefan Stolte.

The interdisciplinary research of the department “Sustainable Chemistry” is dedicated to the „design of chemicals and processes with higher intrinsic safety and sustainability“. The hazard and risk potentials of chemicals are determined in both directions, prospectively and retrospectively. These evaluations are predominantly conducted in close collaboration with users and distributors of chemicals to optimize the applied chemical products and processes. A low hazard potential for man and the environment is hereby the main focus. The core of our research is the determination of structure-activity and structure-property-relationships of chemicals, the development of analytical methods and the investigation of toxicological and ecotoxicological mechanisms and modes of action as well as the analysis of biodegradation pathways of chemicals in the environment.