Honors and Appointments

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© Robert-Bosch-Stiftung / Uni BremenIn 2013 Dr. Almut Satrapa-Schill received the University Medal.

Almut Satrapa-Schill receives the University Medal

Dr. Almut Satrapa-Schill received the University Medal for her engagement in support of the University of Bremen. Her name is inextricably linked with the dynamic course of development and establishment of Nursing Science and Research at the University over the past two decades. For over 20 years Satrapa-Schill has been responsible for research strategies and program development in the areas “Health”, “Care”, “Age and Demography” at the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Through her untiring support for numerous projects, she constantly confirmed her close association with the discipline of nursing science, especially at our university. On the international level she initiated numerous project partnerships. Here, too, the University of Bremen’s nursing science department was continually invited to participate, and was in no small part through this able to enhance its international visibility.

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© Harald Rehling / Uni BremenUniversity Rector Prof. Bernd Scholz-Reiter (right) congratulates

Geoscientist becomes “Fellow of the University of Bremen”

University Rector, Prof. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, conferred a very special honor: For commitment to research and teaching in the geosciences he made Prof. Hartmut Schneider a Fellow of the University of Bremen. The internationally renowned mineralogist is known especially for his important innovative research on crystallography. He was highly proactive in building up the Mineralogy Department in the area of Materials Science.

The title “Fellow of the University of Bremen” can be awarded to professors of other universities, either in Germany or abroad, who have excelled through outstanding achievements in research and teaching or in the area of international relations of the University of Bremen. The honor can also be conferred on personalities in the economy or other areas of society who have earned a reputation in the service of science. Prof. Hartmut Schneider is the third person to receive the title “Fellow of the University of Bremen”.

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© Dickinson College / Uni BremenProf. Wilfried Müller

Senate Medal and Honorary Doctorate for Former Rector

In 2013 Prof. Wilfried Müller, former Rector of the University of Bremen, received two awards of high distinction: For his services to science in Bremen and for the University of Bremen he was awarded the Senate Medal for Art and Science. In addition to this, Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (USA) conferred an honorary doctorate on the former Rector. In recognition of many years of successful cooperation, the internationally renowned private institution, which is a formal partner of the University of Bremen, conferred an honorary “Doctor of Liberal Education” on Prof. Müller.

Müller was Rector of the University of Bremen until his retirement in 2012. An absolute highlight of his period of office was the university receiving the official title “University of Excellence” and becoming one of just eleven German universities permitted to bear the title.

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Outstanding satellite remote sensing

Physics Professor John P. Burrows was awarded the Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal 2013 for his outstanding services to science and leading research in the area of satellite remote sensing. John P. Burrows has been a member of the Faculty  Physics/Electrical Engineering since 1992. During his time at the Institute for Environmental Physics he has built up an outstanding research team and helped launch the careers of a whole generation of European scientists.

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© Privat / Uni BremenProf. Georg Müller-Christ

Professor of Business Economics Receives Environment Prize

For his commitment to environmental protection and sustainability Georg Müller-Christ, Professor of Business Economics, received the Environment Prize awarded by Bundesdeutschen Arbeitskreises für Umweltbewusstes Management in the category “Science”. The prize is given to outstanding personalities who help initiate and shape active changes to society through their tireless commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Other prizewinners in the past include the former German Minister for the Environment, Prof. Klaus Töpfer. Müller Christ is professor for General Business Administration and Sustainable Management in the Faculty of Economics.

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© Ulrich Reiss / Uni BremenAerial view of the IWT from 2013 (Photo: Ulrich Reiss)

Research in the service of resource conservation

Even in ancient Egyptian times, architects building the pyramids made use of bearing techniques. In our modern times ball bearings play an important role in engineering technology. Wind turbine generators, for example, are only able to produce energy with the aid of roller bearings. The Bremen Institute for Werkstofftechnik (IWT) has for many years been engaged in investigating ways to improve and introduce innovations in the field of bearings technology. The IWT recently received an honorary award for its ground-breaking research from the Schaeffler FAG Foundation, which belongs to the bearings manufacturer Schaeffler. Since 1995 a total of 14 prizewinners have come from the ranks of the IWT researchers. The honorary award includes prize money in an amount of 25,000 euros.

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© Privat / Uni BremenHans-Jörg Kreowski is Professor for Theoretical Informatics at the University of Bremen since 1991.

Computer Scientist Admitted to the World’s Oldest Scholarly Society

In 2013 Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Professor for Theoretical Mathematics, was among twelve new members to be admitted to the Leibniz-Sozietät der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. The society has a total of 310 members and is the oldest society of scholars in the world. It was founded by Gottfried Wilhelm in 1700, when it was called the Brandenburgische Sozietät der Wissenschaften. Today it is an interdisciplinary society for the promotion of research and its application in the service of humanity. It combines outstanding and politically independent scholars and scientists with different world views.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski has been researching at the University of Bremen since 1982. In 1991 he was appointed Professor for Theoretical Informatics. His research group is embedded in the Technology Center for Informatics and IT and is part of the Bremen Research Cluster for Dynamics in Logistics (LogDynamics). Among other things, the professor is a founding member of the forum entitled Computer Professionals for Peace and Social Responsibility.

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©  / Uni BremenProf. Moritz Renner

Law professor admitted into the ranks of the “Young Academy”

Holder of a Lichtenberg Professorship at the University of Bremen, Moritz Renner, is one of ten excellent young researchers to be admitted to the “Young Academy” in 2013, a joint project of the Berlin- Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (Halle). Prerequisite for receiving the honor of five-year membership is among other things an exceptionally outstanding doctoral dissertation.

Moritz Renner, whose research interest lies in changes to legislation as a consequence of globalization, has already won two other prizes for his doctoral research: In 2010 the Bremen Study Prize awarded by the “unifreunde”, and in 2011 the German Study Prize awarded by the Körber Foundation.

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Website "Die Junge Akademie"

In the yearbook you find an interview with Professor Moritz Renner.

Success for Virtual Academy Sustainability

The Virtual Academy Sustainability at the University of Bremen received acclaim for being one of the “guiding beacons of education for sustainable development” from the German Government’s committee for Education, Research and Assessment of the Consequences of Technological Advance and the German UNESCO Commission. In its grounds for awarding the honor the committee states that the academy shares the strategic political goal of permanently shaping the educational landscape beyond 2014. Participants are the Center for Multimedia in Teaching and Georg Müller-Christ, professor of General Business Administration and an expert on sustainable management.

Student members of the virtual academy are able to participate in video-based lecture courses on the topic of sustainability, for which they can be awarded credit points for their main course of studies.

Website Virtual Academy Sustainability

Chemistry Professor Appointed to the Post of DFG Review Panelist

In 2013 Marcus Bäumer, Professor for Physical Chemistry at the Institute for Applied and Physical Chemistry, was appointed to the post of field reviewer for the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The DFG is the largest research funding organization in Europe and the elected review panelists form an important element of its decision making structure. A reviewer’s main task is to evaluate project proposals, and in so doing to ensure that the same “yardsticks” are applied to all applications for funding.

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Prof. Dr. Ekkard Brinksmeier

Brinksmeier elected to the Board of the International Academy for Production Engineering

Founded only 30 years ago, the area of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen is one of the youngest German faculties of mechanical engineering and process engineering. In 2013, though, it once again demonstrated that it is one of the World’s most successful: At a general assembly of the Collège International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP) in Copenhagen, the senate of the international academy voted Professor Ekkard Brinksmeier onto the CIRP Board for the next four years. He will initially be their “Vice President-Elect”, before then assuming the office of President of the world’s most renowned academy for process engineering.

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Award for Bremen materials engineer

During the “HärtereiKongress” organized by the work group Wärmebehandlung und Werkstofftechnik e.V., Bremen researcher Dr.-Ing. Thomas Lübben received the association’s “Karl WilhelmBurgdorf Prize”. The grounds: Lübben has managed in an exceptional way to transfer research findings into the practice and initiate significant advances in the area of materials science and thermo treatment.

Thomas Lübben has been a member of the University of Bremen and the Bremen Institute of Materials Sciences for 27 years – among other things, up to 2011 he was Managing Director of the collaborative research center “Distortion Engineering” granted by the German Research Society. In this capacity he was responsible for transferring the research findings into the practice. Since then, the approach of comprehending distortion as a system property of the whole process chain has received international recognition.

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Professor Volkmar Gessner

Prize for Law Sociologist

Law sociologist Prof. Volkmar Gessner was honored with a high award: At a meeting of the International Sociological Association in Toulouse the Research Committee on Sociology of Law (RCSL) awarded him the 2013 Adam Podgórecki Prize. The prize is for his outstanding teaching and research work in the field of Law Sociology. It is named after the Polish scholar who co-founded the RSCL. Prof. Gessner shares the prize with his colleague Terence Halliday  of the American Bar Foundation.

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© Privat / Uni BremenProf. Dr. Gerd Gläske

Health Expert Glaeske Much in Demand

Prof. Gerd Glaeske from the Center for Social Policy (ZeS) at the University of Bremen is an expert on the health sector – and a busy man: He has been  appointed to a fourth term as member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA). The BZgA initiates and coordinates measures of disease prevention for the German Ministry of Health, e.g. campaigns for the prevention of AIDS and various forms of addiction, family planning, and reproductive health. He is involved in a number of activities that  include health promotion programs for children and adolescents and combating threats to health due to social circumstances. The Scientific Advisory Board provides interdisciplinary counseling on the activites of the BzgA.