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© MPI / Uni BremenReceived the Leibniz Prize 2014: Prof. Nicole Dubilier

Marine researcher receives Leibniz Prize

The year 2013 was a particularly successful one for Prof. Nicole Dubilier: In December the marine researcher received the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, the most coveted and highly endowed prize for science awarded in the whole of Germany. She gained this honor for her research on the symbioses between micro-organisms and marine species.

Just a few months earlier, Prof. Dubilier was awarded the most lucrative prize for science in the European Union: The ERC Advanced Grant in an amount of 2.5 million euros. In this case the European Research Council conferred the honor in recognition of her research work on the symbioses between the bacteria and mussels that inhabit deep-sea hydrothermal springs.

Nicole Dubilier is Director of the Bremen Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, where she leads the symbiosis department. The marine researcher also teaches in the Faculty of Biology/Chemistry at the University of Bremen. And in addition to this, she is a project leader at MARUM, the University of Bremen’s Center for Marine Environmental Sciences.

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Educational Software for Apprentice Electricians

The  Institut Technik und Bildung (ITB) at the University of Bremen and the Institut für Technik, Arbeitsprozesse und Berufliche Bildung (iTAB) at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg have developed a software program designed to support electricians during their apprenticeships. The digital offer entitled “Kompetenzwerkst@tt-Elektrohandwerk” won Germany‘s distinguished educational media prize “digita 2013” in the category Vocational Education and Studies, Vocational Training. In 2012 the Kompetenzwerkst@tt-Elektrohandwerk already won the “Comenius EduMedia-Preis”. These are the two most important media prizes awarded in Germany.

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© Privat / Uni BremenProf. Dr. Barbara Weißenberger from the Association of Business Economics Professors hands over the award to the Bremen economists Michael Meser, Dr. Stefan Veith und Prof. Dr. Jochen Zimmermann (from left).

Science Prize for Business Economists

An exceptional award for teamwork: For their co-authored paper “A Long-Term Perspective on Securities Regulation and Its Market Effects” the Bremen economists Prof. Jochen Zimmermann, Dr. Stefan Veith and Michael Meser won the Best Conference Paper Award. The prize is given by the Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft (VHB) [Association of Business Economics Professors].

The VHB is the largest association for the promotion of Business Economics research in German-speaking countries. Of the 400 papers submitted, the Bremen contribution was the only one to receive the best mark from all members of the evaluation panel. In their paper the Bremen researchers investigated the impact of state intervention in capital markets based on data gathered in six different countries. Although their longitudinal study produced evidence for the positive effects of regulation, it also illustrates the ongoing national disparities between the world’s most important capital markets. The award comes with prizemoney in an amount of 1,000 euros.


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© Privat / Uni BremenThe winners: René Steinrücken, Asanga Udugama und Isaac Supeene (from left). Photo: TZI

MANIAC Challenge for TZI Members

Together with fellow team member René Steinrücken from the TU Hamburg-Harburg, Isaac Supeene and Asanga Udugama from the Technology Center for Informatics and IT Technology at the University of Bremen won the MANIAC Challenge 2013. The MANIAC Challenge is an international competition involving the development of strategies to facilitate the exchange of data packages in the Internet.

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© MARUM / Uni BremenDoris Abele teaches at the University of Bremen. (Photo: MARUM)

Prize for Biologist

Marine biologist and ecologist, Doris Abele, received the “Biomaris Research Prize for Promoting Marine Sciences in the Federal State of Bremen”. The prize, which is awarded by the firm Biomaris GmbH & Co. KG and the Center for Mariner Environmental Sciences, includes prize money in an amount of 5,000 euros. Doris Abele has been researching at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) since 2000, where she coordinates international projects on the effects of climate change along the coastline of West Antarctica. Together with her research team, the zoologist is investigating the phenomenon of ageing in especially long-living marine species. Doris Abele teaches at the University of Bremen.

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© Privat / Uni BremenProfessor Franz Hoffmann

Swedish Grant for Bremen Materials Scientist

One of the University of Bremen’s research strengths gaining more and more international acclaim is the field of Materials Sciences and related technologies. This was once again underscored by the news that reached Bremen materials scientist Professor Franz Hoffmann just before Christmas: The Board of Trustees of the Swedish Jacob Wallenberg Foundation awarded him a grant worth SEK 200,000 (approx. EUR 22,000) to supplement research funding over the next two years.

“The letter from the Jacob Wallenberg Foundation came as a complete surprise as no application procedure was involved. I’m thrilled about it, of course. It shows just how well-known our research efforts have become in the international arena and the increasing recognition it enjoys”, says Professor Hoffmann. Over the two-year period he will spend the money on projects in the area of heat treatment.

Professor Hoffmann leads research on heat treatment at the University of Bremen’s Institute of Materials Sience (IWT) and teaches in the Faculty of Production Engineering – Mechanical and Process Engineering. The Jacob Wallenberg Foundation, founded in 1971, is administered by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science. The foundation capital is provided by the Svenska Kullagerfabriken Group (AB SKF).

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